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Genetically identical or closely related, so as to allow tissue transplant; immunologically compatible: syngeneic grafts; syngeneic mice.

[From Greek sungeneia, kinship : syn-, syn- + genos, family; see genə- in Indo-European roots.]

syn·ge·ne′i·cal·ly adv.


(ˌsɪndʒɪˈniːɪk; ˌsɪndʒɪˈneɪɪk) or


(Genetics) with identical genes
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A team of scientists led by Maurizio Scaltriti, PhD, and in collaboration with a team of clinical investigators led by Bob Li, MD, will use isogenic models and established patient-derived xenograft models to assess the susceptibility of HER2-mutated or HER2-positive cancers to DS-8201, neratinib and other HER2-targeting therapies, elucidate mechanisms of action and resistance of these various tumor types, and evaluate the potential for synergistic combinations.
In the three-way sorghum hybrids three lines are used since the female parent is a male-sterile cross of an A- line and a B- non isogenic line, and the male parent is an R- line.
An isogenic cybrid was produced (Owti) after we obtained platelets from the wild-type mother of the patient harboring the mutation.
2009) used nearly isogenic lines (NIL) mainly to conduct fine mapping the major QTLs based on QTL information and linkage analyses.
All these cells were isogenic, which means they all had the same gene set.
For this study, we selected four types of sorghum, two isogenic lines of grain sorghum (CMS-XS 114 with tannin and CMS-XS 165 without tannin) and two sorghum hybrids (BR-700 dual purpose with tannin and BR-601 forage without tannin).
Most R genes to BLB have been introgressed into the background of the susceptible indica cultivar to develop a set of near isogenic lines (NILs), and some have been pyramided, either through classical breeding and marker-assisted selection or through genetic engineering, to develop new plant types and NILs (Sanchez et al.
The range of isogenic iPSC (induced pluripotent stem cells)-derived neural cells include APOE knockout neurons and astrocytes, MAP2 and GFAP reporter lines, and a panel for assessment of neurotoxicity and neural protective drug candidates.
Under the terms of the agreement, Thermo Fisher will market and distribute Horizon's X-Man human haploid and diploid isogenic cell line collection and will further offer Horizon's X-Man haploid cell line generation service to its worldwide customer base with the exception of Japan.
The development of near isogenic lines (NILs) and molecular markers has provided the essential tools for understanding pathogen diversity and population structures that form the basis of developing disease resistant varieties.
Specific topics covered include transcriptome analysis of drought tolerant near isogenic lines, forage crop improvement and gene expression networks (GEN) in crops.