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 (ī′sə-lə-bəl) also i·so·lat·a·ble (-lā′tə-bəl)
Possible to isolate: isolable viruses.


(ˈaɪ sə lə bəl; sometimes ˈɪs ə-)

also i•so•lat•a•ble

(-ˌleɪ tə bəl)

capable of being isolated.
i`so•la•bil′i•ty, n.
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Adj.1.isolable - capable of being isolated or disjoined
separate - independent; not united or joint; "a problem consisting of two separate issues"; "they went their separate ways"; "formed a separate church"
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Richard Ambrosini, in his Conrad's Fiction as Critical Discourse, wishes to counter the view that Conrad couldn't write criticism, and his study is an intelligent and systematic examination of the isolable topics dealt with by Conrad as critic.
His most recent efforts have been directed towards solid-state NMR and x-ray crystallographic studies of isolable carbocations, the thermal and photochemistry of iminium salts related to the visual pigments, and the use of photochemical methods for the fabrication of charge-mosaic piezodialysis membranes.
Critics have demonstrated that rather than being a competent but uninteresting imitator of Alexander Pope, as many early detractors believed, Wheatley in her verse style was largely innovative and not imitative of any isolable source.
Also, the smaller a submodule (when cleanly isolable), the more manageable it should be.
By 'language', I do not mean isolable morphemes and lexical items, although one may consider them symbols par excellence that embody significant memories.
Tenders are invited for Heavy Duty Switch Disconnector Fuse Triple Pole With Isolable Neutral Sfu Switch Unit With Hrc Fuse As Per Is-13703 And Sfu Confirming To Id-13947 Part Iii Or Latest, Suitable For Rating 250 Amps 415-440 Volts, 50 Hz Supply Complete With Central Tag 2 Holefixing Type Hrc Fuse And Handle In Sheet Steel Enclosure.
The formation of 17 is believed to be formed via addition of methylene group of 13a on the double bond system of enaminone 2 to afford the unstable intermediate 14a which loses readily dimethylamine to afford the non- isolable intermediate 15a which tautomerises into 16a that loses water to afford 17.
Treatment of Schiff's base 4b with bromoacetyl bromide in ethanol and [down arrow]the presence of MgO as a solid base catalyst under ultrasonic irradiation afforded only one isolable product (as examined by TLC) identified as pyrazolidin-3-one core structure 8 in 96% yield within 10 minutes.
Also, reaction of 1 with excess ethylacetoacetate under ultrasound irradiation at 60[degrees] C for 10 min gives only one isolable uncyclized product identified as ethyl-3-(2-(2-(2,7-dimethyl-1,8-naphthyridin-4-yloxy)acetyl)hydrazono)butanoate 4 (Scheme 1).
But in the case of decolonization, the developing world tried with some success to make space in UN political discourse and even, occasionally, action for an issue deemed to be isolable from the East-West struggle.
The problem with this bias is patent: judgments are not isolable subjective states bur part and parcel of a factor better, a process, namely, the dynamic interactions of subjects with objects and other subjects.
(66) Carr, the starting point for political question jurisprudence, specifically states that there are "isolable reasons for the presence of political questions, underlying this Court's refusal to review the political departments' determination of when or whether a war has ended." (67)