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 (ī′sə-lə-bəl) also i·so·lat·a·ble (-lā′tə-bəl)
Possible to isolate: isolable viruses.
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(ˈaɪ sə lə bəl; sometimes ˈɪs ə-)

also i•so•lat•a•ble

(-ˌleɪ tə bəl)

capable of being isolated.
i`so•la•bil′i•ty, n.
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Adj.1.isolable - capable of being isolated or disjoined
separate - independent; not united or joint; "a problem consisting of two separate issues"; "they went their separate ways"; "formed a separate church"
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Teaming itself is not an isolatable, unitary capability that needs to be developed as an add-on to systems.
While, outside labs, the physical world consists of open systems, these systems' components or causal factors tend to be essentially atomistic, intrinsically closed and stable, isolatable and susceptible to be triggered under experimentally controlled conditions (Pratten 2015, pp.
Religion is not an isolatable entity and we cannot treat it as such.
Because novelty is everywhere, it is nowhere isolatable as a discrete feature.
The headers enter the mechanical room of the building where they connect to a manifold and are individually isolatable. In total, three nine-loop circuits were piped in parallel.
Finally, the author's insistence that the image of God refers to human beings in their entirety (and not just to certain isolatable attributes) is important and can provide balance to lop-sided approaches to defining the image.
Micro-kinesics is concerned with the derivation of kines (least particles of isolatable body-motion) into manageable morphological classes.
As a matter of framing, in the same way that the environment was not a far-off and isolatable location, neither were the struggles for greater health, environmental integrity, and economic prosperity severable.
Combined, they produce a framework of isolatable and defendable enclaves adaptable to address potential cyber=threats.
(7) The point here is that no cultural identity was isolatable from the empire's institutional context and from its constitutive effects.
They can certainly give the impression of doing so, because they are painstakingly accurate descriptions of a hierarchy of interrelated phenomena isolatable and characterized by highly regular behavior that can be generalized in law like terms.
Wilson, Genes and the Agents of Life: The Individual in the Fragile Sciences 218-19 (2005) ("[V]arious levels of selection are often entwined or fused, not just in the sense that they co-occur, or operate in the same direction, but in that they are reliably coinstantiated and do not make isolatable, distinct contributions to the ultimate evolutionary currency, fitness.").