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Adj.1.isolationistic - of or relating to isolationism
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As such, the Trump presidency has created fears over whether nationalistic and isolationistic rhetoric will result in a reduction of aid flows--a result which will likely have significant consequences for Africa's ongoing development.
Obama's second term inaugural speech reminds us of one of the salient facts of American political life, namely that the Democrats, in most cases, are more isolationistic and less interventionist than their Republican rivals.
Unfortunately, many of these strategies are isolationistic, oppositional to what we know about the hidden curriculum, non-transformational, and counteract Freire's work.
Analyzing the directions of policy makers on particular items and trying to interpret the policies adopted, it often appears that the mainstream scientific community is exclusive and conservative, dismissive and reactive, compartmentalized and isolationistic, lacking the systematic and sincere inter-disciplinary exchanges and constant horizontalization of debates.