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In our case, we observe quite separate isolines indicating that E' at the glass transition is not extremely sensitive to the interfacial agent content.
The two Bt corn isolines used in the study were as follows: Herculex[R] I (event TC1507), which contained the gene for the insecticidal protein Cry1F, and genotype PowerCore[R] (event MON89034 x MONO0603 x DAS01507), which contained five genes with stacking traits that code for three different Bt proteins (Cry1F + Cry1A.
Three Bt corn hybrids (Agrisure[TM] 3000 GT with Cry1Ab and mCry3A proteins; Agrisure[R] Viptera[TM] 3111 with Cry1Ab, Vip3Aa20, and mCry3A; and Agrisure[R] Viptera[TM] 3110 with Cry1Ab and Vip3Aa20) were used in this research and compared with their respective non-GM isolines provided by Syngenta Agro S.
Figures 1, 2 and 3 show the isolines of velocities of vertical movements of the Earth's crust surface in the Sudety Mts.
Purpose of the study are - The definition (definition and validation of the isolines of river, according to the existing legislation: N.
4,5), beside preparation of the layers of Geological structure and soil, and the establishment of Isolines of temperature and precipitation.
The Figure 3b shows the distributions of pressure with contours and isolines.
Such triangular diagram is convenient as any soil parameter put on in isolines allows judging their variation at any possible ratio of this soil phases or its change (Korolev 1997).
These dependencies correspond to the period of planet formation, but several isolines n are shown, because the conditions of formation of the planets and their further evolution is unknown.
3) software to produce a GIS map of pollution isolines with a color code that can be understood by the general public.