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An object, organism, or substance exhibiting isomorphism.


(Biochemistry) a substance or organism that exhibits isomorphism


(ˈaɪ səˌmɔrf)

1. an organism that is isomorphic with another.
2. an isomorphous substance.
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In times of less isomorph organizational human resource strategies and more diverse and less stable lifestyles and work preferences even the same resources and demands may be perceived very differently by different parts of the workforce, and a positive match of both sides' expectations is less self-evident (Brose et al.
However, as we know, under the effect of the crystal chemical conditions, Rb and Sr occur as the isomorph in the crystal lattice of the potassium-bearing and calcium-bearing minerals, respectively.
In my Designer Isomorphs (WW May 2001), the various different Isomorph genres included a few Isomorph pairings.
In these musings on Venice, Knights observes, "Browning's music inserts itself, in an isomorph of the poem's own interpolations, encouraging the sentence to spin itself out in paratactic fancies" (p.
Main composed by montmorilonite, the bentonite crystal structure consists of two layers of tetrahedral silica sheets sandwiching one octahedral alumina sheet, it has a net negative charge on its layer lattice due isomorph substitutions.
Searle 1980) have thought that consciousness is tied to a specific biology, so that a silicon isomorph of a human need not be conscious.
The presence of semicrystalline fields in a number of red bream otoliths is indicative of a partial replacement of the normal aragonite crystalline structure by vaterite, a calcium carbonate isomorph that has optical properties different from aragonite.
The rule vector of every CA can be manipulated in this way to produce a unique and distinct isomorph, so the total number of unique totalistic binary CAs is [4.
This saves them the effort required to transcend their disciplinary focus, worldview, and knowledge to recognize the isomorph.
Goux sees the primary cultural isomorph of excrement-as-affective-exchange to be money--as opposed to currency, an organizing system of equivalence, which is homologous to the phallus (that other star of Ilona's Asshole).