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1. Biology Similarity in form, as in organisms of different ancestry.
2. Mathematics A one-to-one correspondence between the elements of two sets such that the result of an operation on elements of one set corresponds to the result of the analogous operation on their images in the other set.
3. A close similarity in the crystalline structure of two or more substances of similar chemical composition.

i′so·mor′phous adj.


(ˌaɪ səˈmɔr fəs)

(of a chemical compound or mineral) capable of crystallizing in a form similar to that of another compound or mineral.
[1820–30; iso- + -morphous]
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Adj.1.isomorphous - having similar appearance but genetically different
biological science, biology - the science that studies living organisms
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5-7] The isomorphous swap of Si atoms in the frame of mesoporous substance with different heteroatoms is one of the finest planned approach to incorporate metal atoms.
In this sense, one could argue as Idis did, that the doctrine of iltizam and the realist literature that it sanctioned emerged from a similar, if not exactly isomorphous, set of historical circumstances as Sartre's post-war theory of engagement.
Among the topics are solid solutions and phase transformations, isomorphous alloy systems, peritectic alloy systems, solid-state transformations, and binary and ternary alloy phase diagrams.
The man-woman duality is regarded as isomorphous with the Moon-Sun duality, the Moon being par excellence "the romantic orb": in this sense, for instance, all German romances are "bathed in moonshine.
Thirdly, the Ca(II) in the structure of AFt can be replaced by divalent heavy metal ions, including Zn(II), Cd(II), Pb(II), and Ni(II), through isomorphous replacement.
2+] respectively as compared to 78% and 69% removal on using the adsorbent CF at the same cations concentration 10 mg/L this may be attributed to that montmorillonite clay structure, is constructed of a single octahedral sheet sandwiched between two tetrahedral sheets, with the octahedral sheet sharing the apical oxygen of tetrahedral sheets, that type has excess negative charges due to the spread of isomorphous substitution in tetrahedra and octahedra sheets, resulting in the formation of outer-sphere complexes [14].
Every normalized algebra with unit is isomorphous to one of the following: the real numbers algebra R, the complex numbers algebra C, the quaternions algebra K, the octavians algebra O [1].
Thus, we can pose a question as to whether the later is isomorphous to the former.
Cation exchange capacity of soil free of organic matter can arise from either pH-dependent charge or isomorphous substitution (Gillman and Bell 1976).
of BaO2 is formed by reaction of barium salt solution and hydrogen peroxide solution BaO2 crystallizes as grayish white transparent tetragonal crystals which are isomorphous with barium sulfate, which also gives a vivid green color, as do all barium compounds.