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 (ī′sŏz-mŏt′ĭk, -sŏs-)
Of or exhibiting equal osmotic pressure.


(Physiology) another word for isotonic3


(ˌaɪ səˈtɒn ɪk)

1. of or pertaining to solutions with equal osmotic pressure.
2. Physiol.
a. of or pertaining to a muscular contraction in which the muscle shortens while tension increases, as in continuous lifting.
b. of or pertaining to a solution containing the same salt concentration as mammalian blood.
[1890–95; < German isotonisch (1882); see iso-, tonic]
i`so•to•nic′i•ty (-təˈnɪs ɪ ti) n.
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Adj.1.isosmotic - (used of solutions) having the same or equal osmotic pressure
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To measure chloride efflux rate across the apical membrane, the apical perfusion medium was changed with a medium in which chloride was substituted with isoosmotic nitrate.
(iv) Smoking and physical exercise were not allowed for 12 hours before and during the test; end alveolar breath samples were collected with a two-bag system immediately before and every 15 min for 2 hours, after having ingested 200 mL water isoosmotic solution with 50 grams of glucose [16].
Finally, these patients should been couraged to limit their fluid intakes and to consume isoosmotic fluids such as the oral rehydration solution in order to optimize water and sodium absorption [15,21, 23].
A comparison of dry forage intake was then conducted between the intraruminal replenishment of iso-osmotic artificial saliva and insertion of a balloon (RRIAS-RIB) treatment, and the intraruminal replenishment of isoosmotic artificial saliva and non-insertion of a balloon (PRIAS-NIB) control.
Citrate blood samples were washed three times with an isoosmotic NaCl solution and treated as previously reported [37].
vannamei has been extensively conducted, but the understanding on this animal is limited to its isoosmotic point (Diaz et al.
Even though water transport overall may appear as isoosmotic on a macroscopic scale, local osmotic pressure differences are necessary to drive unidirectional movement.
Multi-detector CT enterography with isoosmotic mannitol as oral contrast for detecting small bowel disease.