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 (ī′sō-pī-ĕs′tĭk, -pē-)
Marked by or indicating equal pressure; isobaric.
See isobar.

[iso- + Greek piestos, able to be compressed (from piezein, to press tight; see sed- in Indo-European roots) + -ic.]
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(Physical Geography) a line on a map connecting places with equal ground water pressure
[C19: from iso- + Greek piestos compressible, from piezein to press]
ˌisopiˈestically adv
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They used the isopiestic method, one of the most accurate methods for determining solubility.
where [C.sub.p] is the isopiestic specific heat and b is a constant.
The state of water hydrating counter-ions of the -[SO.sub.3] H functional group in a cation-exchange membrane (sulfonated PE) of low water content has been quantitatively and qualitatively evaluated by the isopiestic equilibrium and dielectric methods at 293 K (12).