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A colorless volatile liquid, C5H8, used chiefly to make synthetic rubber.

i′so·pre′noid′ (-prē′noid′) adj.
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(ˌaɪsəˈpriːnɔɪd) chem
(Chemistry) relating to or containing the isoprene unit
(Chemistry) an isoprenoid compound
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Menaquinones are classified according to the length of their aliphatic side chain and are designated as MK-n, where n stands for the number of isoprenoid residues in that chain."
Mixtures containing chloroform and methanol have shown to provide efficient extraction of isoprenoid quinone and polar lipids, and the procedure described by Minnikin and others (1984) was used for the extraction of bacterial polar lipids and isoprenoid quinones [24].
Ferredoxin (Fd) and Fd-NADP+ reductase (FNR) in apicoplast constitute a redox system [11,12] that is homologous to those of plant chloroplast and algae, especially green and red algae [8, 13].The involvement of apicoplast Fd has been indicated in the reactions of an Fe-S cluster assembly [14] and isoprenoid biosynthesis pathways [10, 15], fatty acid desaturation [5], and heme oxygenation [16].
This subset, termed [gamma]2[delta]9 T cells, recognizes phosphoantigens, phosphorylated nonpeptidic metabolic intermediates of the isoprenoid biosynthesis [5] in both invading microbes and the body's own cells, in an MHC-unrestricted manner [4, 6].
Furthermore a isoprenoid, ([+ or -])-abscisic acid (Sigma-Aldrich, Poznan, Poland), was used as a standard.
The anti-inflammatory impact of simvastatin is highlighted through its ability to decrease the production of significant isoprenoid intermediates, through which the production of L-mevalonic acid is inhibited.
Mevalonate is the precursor not only of cholesterol but also of many non-steroidal- isoprenoid compounds.
Early models described "mevalonate shunting" from isoprenoid metabolism (1).
Correlation of Solid Bitumen with Kerogen Based on Aryl Isoprenoid Distribution and [delta][sup.34]S Values.
By inhibiting the rate-limiting enzyme in the cholesterol biosynthesis pathway (conversion of hydroxymethylglutaryl CoA to mevalonate), they also prevent the formation of isoprenoid intermediaries like isopentenyl-pyrophosphate, dimethylallyl-pyrophosphate, geranyl-pyrophosphate, and farnesylpyrophosphate.
Nyce, "Mechanisms of cell growth inhibition and cell cycle arrest in human colonic adenocarcinoma cells by dehydroepiandrosterone: role of isoprenoid biosynthesis," Cancer Research, vol.
N-alkanes, isoprenoid alkanes, Steranes, and Terpanes are mainly used as saturated hydrocarbon biomarker compounds.