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[From New Latin Isoptera, order name : Greek īsos, equal + Greek pteron, wing (from the equal length of the two pairs of wings borne by a swarming adult termite ).]

i·sop′ter·an, i·sop′ter·ous (-tər-əs) adj.


(Zoology) zoology a member of the order Isoptera which includes social, colonizing insects such as termites
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Adj.1.isopteran - relating to or characteristic of insects of the order Isoptera
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Therefore, there must be some ubiquitous mechanisms of soldier differentiation throughout isopteran species.
(2009a) we hypothesized that the differences in susceptibility resulted from the type of habitat in which each termite species had evolved; and specific physiological changes may have occurred during the radiation of the isopteran lineage (Rosengaus et al.
The attachment structures here most likely evolved inside isopteran insects or their blatterid ancestors in the Phanerozoic Eon since termites are unknown in the fossil record prior to the Mesozoic's Cretaceous Period.