isosceles triangle

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Noun1.isosceles triangle - a triangle with two equal sidesisosceles triangle - a triangle with two equal sides  
triangle, trigon, trilateral - a three-sided polygon
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They could scarcely believe it possible; at two yards and a half below water-mark was a regular rent, in the form of an isosceles triangle.
I had noticed that whenever I built a fire, Ajor outlined in the air before her with a forefinger an isosceles triangle, and that she did the same in the morning when she first viewed the sun.
On the east side, the stars 12,14, and 15 Lyncis form a wide isosceles triangle.
Similarly, but more impressively, alternating black and white isosceles triangle tiles in the photo of the floor of the Church of Santi Maria e Donato at Murano rendered structure to the radiating concentric circles of seemingly haphazardly colorful and variously shaped tiles.
For example, an isosceles triangle (see Figure 1) has one line of symmetry.
Whilst still observing the craft it appeared to tilt forward on its axis and at this stage he could clearly see that the craft was an isosceles triangle shape, all three sides of which appeared to be continuous green - almost neon - light.
The National Gallery of Art's overview states that "The composition is at once dynamic--the dancing man and the musicians--and elegantly stable in the way Bingham arranged the figures to form an isosceles triangle.
c) The isosceles triangle case: we select O = (0,0), B = (2, 5), and A = (5,2), as shown in Figure 4(c).
in their second diagram, it is obvious that it is an isosceles triangle), whereas the pair responsible for Figure 3b have made no size and shape distinctions for the collection of isosceles triangles.
Using the recorded measurement as the height and 4" as the base width, draw an isosceles triangle for the pleating template (8).
Anyway, I think we all need a release from 12 months' hard multiple choices and I never want to see another isosceles triangle again, well at least until the next one has to do it.
Since m[angle]DPQ = m[angle]PQR, (because trapezium PQC'D' is a reflection of trapezium PQCD along the line segment PQ) and m[angle]DPQ = m[angle]RPQ (because alternate interior angles are congruent when a transversals intersects two parallel lines), APQR is an isosceles triangle with m[angle]PQR = m[angle]RPQ.