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 (ī′sŏz-mŏt′ĭk, -sŏs-)
Of or exhibiting equal osmotic pressure.
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(Physiology) another word for isotonic3
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(ˌaɪ səˈtɒn ɪk)

1. of or pertaining to solutions with equal osmotic pressure.
2. Physiol.
a. of or pertaining to a muscular contraction in which the muscle shortens while tension increases, as in continuous lifting.
b. of or pertaining to a solution containing the same salt concentration as mammalian blood.
[1890–95; < German isotonisch (1882); see iso-, tonic]
i`so•to•nic′i•ty (-təˈnɪs ɪ ti) n.
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Adj.1.isosmotic - (used of solutions) having the same or equal osmotic pressure
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The osmolarity of body fluids is 275-295 mOsmol/L, so 0.9 per cent NaCl is regarded as isosmotic, or the same as body fluids.
In summary, this new protocol for MR rectography, which using isosmotic mannitol instead of US gel to distend bowel lumen after bowel cleansing, has shown to be a feasible method to improve image quality and lesion depictures of RC through eliminating an effect of gas and feces.
(2007) aquatic organisms, including crustaceans, are more sensitive to metal stress when hyperosmoregulating than when they are closer to their isosmotic point.
Isosmotic points and their ecological significance for juvenile Chinese sturgeon Acipenser sinensis in the Yangtze estuary.
All of the electrolyte solutions contained the same components but in different concentrations, resulting in a hypoosmotic solution (ESHYPO, 200mOsmol[L.sup.-1]: 4g sodium chloride, 0.5g potassium chloride, 1g sodium acetate, and 7.5g dextrose), an isosmotic solution (ESISO, 280mOsmol[L.sup.-1]: 5g sodium chloride, 1g potassium chloride, 2g sodium acetate, and 10g dextrose), and a hyperosmotic solution (ESHYPER, 350mOsmol[L.sup.-1]: 6g sodium chloride, 1g potassium chloride, 3g sodium acetate, and 15g dextrose.
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NHE-1 plays a crucial role in the maintenance of extracellular fluid volume through proximal tubule isosmotic reabsorption of 50-90% of filtered [Na.sup.+].
Aquatic and land exercise training affects renal function in rats under isosmotic volume expansion.
Therefore, the main reason underlying the similar results obtained in terms of induction times among salinities was the regulatory capacity of the species under isosmotic conditions after an acclimation period at a specific salinity level.