isosorbide dinitrate

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i·so·sor·bide di·nit·rate

 (ī′sō-sôr′bīd′ dī-nī′trāt′)
A vasodilator drug, C6H8N2O8, used to treat and prevent angina pectoris.

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isosorbide dinitrate

n dinitrato de isosorbida
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Intravenous administration of isosorbide dinitrate, followed by heparin (5000 units), did not alter his electrocardiogram.
The affected drugs include: Azithromycin, Donepezil, Haloperidol, Imipramine HCl, Isosorbide Dinitrate, Naratriptan, Ondansetron, Perphenazine, and Risperidone.
For this reason, if pericardial effusion is suspected in patients with heart failure on combination hydralazine and isosorbide dinitrate, DILE should be in the differential.
Aspirin 160 mg, clopidogrel 300 mg, sublingual isosorbide dinitrate, simvastatin 20 mg (atorvastatin was not available), and enoxaparin 0.4 mg subcutaneous were administered.
Randomised trial of highdose isosorbide dinitrate plus low-dose furosemide versus high dose furosemide plus low-dose isosorbide dinitrate in severe pulmonary oedema.
Clopidogrel, cefotaxime, isosorbide dinitrate, human insulin, ranitidine, amoxicillin and clavulanic acid, atorvastatin, syrup cremaffin, paracetamol, ferrous sulfate and Folic acid, Vitamin K, and hydrocortisone were given in 10-30% of the patients.
compared the therapeutic benefits of trimetazidine with that of isosorbide dinitrate in the 53 patients with stable angina uncontrolled by propranalol 40 mg BID.
On admission she was placed on metoprolol, tab losartan potassium with hydrochlorothiazide (50/12.5mg) and Isosorbide dinitrate infusion at 3 mg/ hr.
[sup][21] There is increasing interest in pharmacogenetics of this polymorphism in therapeutic drugs targeting GPCRs such as hydralazine, isosorbide dinitrate, sildenafil, and bofutsushosan.
Isosorbide dinitrate and nifedipine treatment of achalasia: a clinical, manometric and radionuclide evaluation.