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Adj.1.isothermic - of or relating to an isotherm
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The essence of the method of receiving charcoal lies in the following: birch scrap is put into a quartz glass flask and heat up without access of oxygen to the temperature of 400-450[degrees]C, then isothermic time exposure is performed for 2 hours.
2010); macadamia nut shell (Macadamia integrifolia) biochar reduced lettuce and maize yield on a fertile Andisol (Waimea series, a medial, amorphic, isothermic Humic Haplustand) (Deenik et al.
2009), central blood volume tends to be higher using cooling HD compared with isothermic and thermoneutral methods, but frequently contributes to patient discomfort, such as shivering and cramping.
However, using isothermic titration calorimetry, the scientists discovered that the 2F5 antibody fuses to the HIV virus, preventing its fusing to the body's cells and therefore protecting the individual from HIV infection.
The academics reported that the process could be viable only if there was a way to maintain the temperature of the liquid nitrogen as it expanded into a gas--a phenomenon called isothermic expansion.
A diastolic arrest was performed with isothermic blood cardioplagia with K+ given through aortic root following a cross clamp.
Langmuir isothermic model fitted the equilibrium data better than the Freundlich isothermic model.
Isothermic dialysis for hypotension-prone patients.
Ninety pieces of the periwinkle samples were collected and stored in isothermic boxes containing dry ice until their arrival (within 6 hours) at the Microbiology Laboratory of the Federal University of Technology, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria.