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Adj.1.isothermic - of or relating to an isotherm
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Immediately after surgery, animals were given subcutaneous saline and prophylactic Baytril (2.5 mg/kg/d, s.c.; Bayer, Shawnee Mission, KS) and maintained on an isothermic pad until alert and mobile.
Analysis was done using an initial isothermic period of 100[degrees]C for 4 min, followed by a temperature increase at a rate of 3[degrees]C/min to 240[degrees]C and then an isothermic period of 240[degrees]C for 10 min.
The measurements in the temperature range 300-510 K were performed in ambient air using either the isothermic regime or the rapid heating/cooling one.
The study of isothermic surfaces can be traced back to the work of Bianchi and Bour [1, 2], as well as to Darboux [3].
van den Berg, "Porous structural forms resulting from aggregate modification in polyurethane dispersions by means of isothermic foam coagulation," Journal of Coated Fabrics, vol.
This figure is significantly lower than the value of--24.6 kcal [mol.sup.-1] obtained by isothermic titration calorimetry for the binding of GSSG to the active site of human GR [33], suggesting a weaker interaction of GSSG at the corresponding site on TGR.
The samples were hybridized on high-density oligonucleotide arrays with 3 x 105 isothermic probe-covered unique gene and intergenic areas of the human genome.
The essence of the method of receiving charcoal lies in the following: birch scrap is put into a quartz glass flask and heat up without access of oxygen to the temperature of 400-450[degrees]C, then isothermic time exposure is performed for 2 hours.
2010); macadamia nut shell (Macadamia integrifolia) biochar reduced lettuce and maize yield on a fertile Andisol (Waimea series, a medial, amorphic, isothermic Humic Haplustand) (Deenik et al.
(2009), central blood volume tends to be higher using cooling HD compared with isothermic and thermoneutral methods, but frequently contributes to patient discomfort, such as shivering and cramping.
However, using isothermic titration calorimetry, the scientists discovered that the 2F5 antibody fuses to the HIV virus, preventing its fusing to the body's cells and therefore protecting the individual from HIV infection.