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He had been referred for an isotope scan not available in Gaza.
A somatostatin-labelled isotope scan did not show any marked uptake of the radiopharmaceutical by the liver or the pancreas.
The bone isotope scan confirmed an increased distribution of the left distal tibial metaphyseal fracture (Figure 5).
In the present study, 117 patients out of 349 (33.5%) having solitary nodules on physical examination were found to have multiple nodules on USG while thyroid isotope scan could detect multiple nodules in 48 patients (14%) due to the limited resolving capacity of the thyroid isotope scan.
One year later, Tom underwent a full-body radio isotope scan that revealed no remaining signs of cancer.
In one study, the renal isotope scan was the most sensitive test for detection (97%), followed by contrast-enhanced computed tomography scan (80%) and ultrasound (11%).
The resection was deemed to be complete, and a follow-up skeletal isotope scan was scheduled for 3 months later.
Ventilation and Quantitative scan (VQ scan): this is a two part nuclear medicine isotope scan to evaluate the circulation of air and blood within the lungs.
The procedure - known as an isotope scan, which enables clinical staff to see the blood supply to a patient's heart - has proved to be such a success that staff from other hospitals are visiting Whiston Hospital to observe the Radiology team in action.
This was discontinued the following day after a normal lung isotope scan. Three days later, she developed right flank and peri-umbilical echymoses with no palpable underlying abdominal mass.
A skeletal isotope scan confirmed disseminated skeletal metastases involving the maxilla, skull, thoracic vertebrae, right ileum and left femur.