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1. A biological specimen or other element that is a duplicate of the holotype.
2. Any of several classes or subclasses of immunoglobulins, such as immunoglobulins A and G, that are distinguished by differences in the amino acid sequence of the constant regions of their heavy chains. All isotypes are usually found in every individual of a species.

i′so·typ′ic (-tĭp′ĭk) adj.
i′so·ty′py (-tī′pē) n.


(Geological Science) mineralogy having a similar or identical crystal structure, and, optionally, also having analogous chemical formulae
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Cells were washed twice by phosphate buffered solution (PBS) and then incubated with either isotypic control or monoclonal antibodies against PE-CD45, FITC-CD71, FITC-CD117, APC-CD115, and APC-RANKL (receptor activator of nuclear factor [kappa]B ligand) for 30 min on ice in the dark, respectively.
The isotypic space U(r,[mu]) inherits the action of [G.
Exudate fluids were immunoprecipitated with antimouse IgG Dynal[R] magnetic beads (Invitrogen) with, as capture antibodies, 5A6G7, 01G, MEM-G/9 or G233 anti-HLA-G antibodies, W6/32 anti-pan-HLA-I antibody, or an unspecific isotypic antibody.
The mean fluorescence intensity (MFI) of the cells stained with isotypic control antibodies was subtracted from the MFI of the cells stained with specific antibodies to get a measure of surface receptor-specific MFI.
Each specimen's event clusters were considered positive or negative when compared with the degree of the same specimen stained with the isotypic control antibody.
The percentage of events reactive with each monoclonal antibody was determined, setting thresholds with isotypic controls.
This isotypic response was unexpected based upon results seen with other AIDS vaccine candidates.
1) In a model representation, isotypic components are irreducible components, so projection operators map directly onto irreducible modules without being mixed up among multiple isomorphic copies of the same module.
In an additional experiment, the primary antibody was replaced with isotypic mouse immunoglobulin IgG2b (Sigma) at the same concentration.
n-1] (a number famous from Cayley s formula [Cay]) and that the dimension of the sign- isotypic component is the Catalan number Cat(n, n + 1).