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i′so·zy′mic adj.


(Biochemistry) any of a set of structural variants of an enzyme occurring in different tissues in a single species. Also called: isoenzyme
[from iso- + (en)zyme]
isozymic adj


(ˈaɪ səˌzaɪm)

a variant form of certain enzymes that catalyzes the same reaction as other forms. Also called isoenzyme.
[1959; iso- + (en) zyme]
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Kliman then questioned the scientists' conclusions on the grounds that researchers were unable to perform isozyme analysis of vines that grew prior to Prohibition: "Might it be that the two grapes were indeed different varieties at one time, but that after winemaking in America stopped, the few vines that had not been eradicated, that had been overlooked and left to grow untended, grew wild and grew entangled--grew, in other words, into the same plant?
It was thought that PPIs might interfere with this through their inhibition of a cytochrome P450 isozyme in the liver called 2C19.
The LD cut had significantly higher levels of the LDH-1 isozyme, which is responsible for lactate dehydrogenase-B gene activity.
Use of isozyme polymorphism for the identification of sex has been adopted in certain dioecious plants.
424001) (verified 28 November 2005) of the USA red clover germplasm based on isozyme data.
Isozyme characterization of Capsicum accessions from the Amazonian Colombian collection
COX-II, the cyclooxygenase isozyme inducible in response to inflammation (Lipisky, 1999), is believed to possibly inhibit inflammation without the adverse side-effects noted for COX-I inhibitors (Pairet et al.
Most recently, complexed structures of a naturally occurring variant of human pi-class glutathione S-transferase isozyme 1-1 with either S-hexylglutthione or (9R, 10R)-9-(S-glutathionyl)-10-hydroxy-9, l0-dihydrophenanthrene bound at the active site were determined at resolutions of 1.
The purpose of my project is to identify several species of the parasitic fungus, Cytospora, and illustrate the evolutionary relationships of these fungi using isozyme and DNA fingerprinting.
This invention further relates to the inbred and hybrid genetic complements of the inbred corn plant RDBQ2, and also to the RFLP and genetic isozyme typing profiles of inbred corn plant RDBQ2.