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Verb1.issue forth - come forth; "A scream came from the woman's mouth"; "His breath came hard"
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She soon removed the clout from the head of Goody Brown, and then fastening on her hair with one hand, with the other she caused another bloody stream to issue forth from the nostrils of the enemy.
From this great treasury of waters issue forth limpid streams, which, augmenting as they descend, become main tributaries of the Missouri on the one side, and the Columbia on the other; and give rise to the Seeds-ke-dee Agie, or Green River, the great Colorado of the West, that empties its current into the Gulf of California.
Will she now issue forth over the threshold of our story?
I could not wring from my little lady how she had spent the day; except that, as I supposed, the goal of her pilgrimage was Penistone Crags; and she arrived without adventure to the gate of the farm-house, when Hareton happened to issue forth, attended by some canine followers, who attacked her train.
See, though from far, His thousands, in what martial equipage They issue forth, steel bows and shafts their arms, Of equal dread in flight or in pursuit-- All horsemen, in which fight they most excel; See how in warlike muster they appear, In rhombs, and wedges, and half-moons, and wings." He looked, and saw what numbers numberless The city gates outpoured, light-armed troops In coats of mail and military pride.
The names on the committee are tried and tested old hands, so there is little expectation that anything 'massive and comprehensive' will issue forth. Besides, committees are better suited to come up with modalities of implementation when a vision for future reform is already present.
And yet, despite this seeming acknowledgement of those schools' concerns, more and more announcements of significant changes issue forth from the Welsh Government's offices in Cardiff Bay.
Editorials would issue forth condemning this gutter journalism as thinly veiled sexism.
Guide my thoughts so that the spiritual world may issue forth clear and simple from the heart.
They issue forth from landforms that appear to be reservoirs of "blood," aquifers of life, awaiting a time to send new shoots to the surface.
"Now pay attention, because I'm about to tell you the secret of life." These would be hard opening lines for any film to live up to, but when spoken at the beginning of "The Choice"--the latest, and quite possibly worst, tissue-thin weepie to issue forth from the Nicholas Sparks page-to-screen assembly line--the gulf between what's promised and what's delivered is wide enough to be spotted from space.
Notes issue forth from hotels, trains--even prison, offering a light on the consequences of holding true to her code of the theatrical expression of her pacifist-anarchist principles.