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a. A point or matter of discussion, debate, or dispute: What legal and moral issues should we consider?
b. A matter of public concern: debated economic issues.
c. A misgiving, objection, or complaint: had issues with the plan to change the curriculum.
a. A problem or difficulty.
b. A personal problem: is convinced that her boss has issues.
a. The act of circulating, distributing, or publishing by a business, government, or organization: government issue of new bonds.
b. An item or set of items, as stamps or coins, made available at one time by a business, government, or organization.
c. A single copy of a periodical: the May issue of the magazine.
d. A distinct set of copies of an edition of a book distinguished from others of that edition by variations in the printed matter.
e. Proceeds from estates or fines.
f. Something proceeding from a specified source: suspicions that were the issue of a deranged mind.
g. A culminating point leading to a decision: bring a case to an issue.
h. A final result or conclusion, as a solution to a problem.
a. The act or an instance of flowing, passing, or giving out: where the lake gives issue to its waters.
b. A place of egress; an outlet: a lake with no issue to the sea.
5. Medicine
a. A discharge, as of blood or pus.
b. A lesion, wound, or ulcer producing such a discharge.
6. Offspring; progeny: died without issue.
v. is·sued, is·su·ing, is·sues
a. To flow, go, or come out: water issuing from a spring; voices issuing from a room. See Synonyms at appear.
b. To proceed from a source; emerge or come forth: ideas issuing from a discussion. See Synonyms at stem1.
c. To have as a consequence; result: discontent that issued in social unrest.
2. To accrue as proceeds or profit: Little money issued from the stocks.
3. To be born or be descended: generations issuing from an ancestor.
4. To be circulated or published: books issuing from a publisher.
1. To circulate or distribute in an official capacity: issued uniforms to the players.
2. To publish: issued periodic statements.
3. To pour forth or send out; emit: a chimney issuing smoke.
at issue
1. In question; in dispute: "Many people fail to grasp what is really at issue here" (Gail Sheehy).
2. At variance; in disagreement.
join issue
1. To enter into controversy.
2. Law To submit an issue for decision.
take issue
To take an opposing point of view; disagree.

[Middle English, from Old French eissue, issue, from Vulgar Latin *exūta, alteration of Latin exita, feminine past participle of exīre, to go out : ex-, ex- + īre, to go; see ei- in Indo-European roots.]

is′su·er n.
is′sue·less adj.
Usage Note: People often use issue to refer to a problem, difficulty, or condition, especially an embarrassing or discrediting one. The word is frequently used in the plural. Thus, a business executive who has been accused of fraud is said to have legal issues, a company facing bankruptcy has financial issues, and a person who picks fights may have anger management issues. Some people dislike this usage, claiming that it is imprecise or euphemistic. The majority of the Usage Panel frowned on it in 2002, but in just over ten years, opinion has shifted such that a majority now find it acceptable. In our 2013 survey, 78 percent of the Usage Panel accepted issue in these examples: That kid has issues and needs to see the guidance counselor. I don't want to hire someone who has issues with carrying out orders from an authority. Although the acceptance was lukewarm (about a third of the panelists found these sentences only "somewhat acceptable"), this is a substantial increase over the 39 percent who accepted similar sentences in 2002. A similar shift of opinion has occurred concerning the use of issue for a technical problem. In 2002, only 18 percent of Panelists approved of the sentence There were a number of issues installing the printer driver in the new release of the software. By 2013, approval had risen to 68 percent. Although issue is now widely acceptable, choosing another word, such as glitch, problem, or complication, can often lend precision to your writing.
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Noun1.issuer - an institution that issues something (securities or publications or currency etc.)
institution, establishment - an organization founded and united for a specific purpose
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The filing discloses that "the Reporting Persons have engaged, and plan to continue to engage, with the Issuer's management and board of directors regarding opportunities to unlock shareholder value.
- August 13, 2019) - On August 9, 2019, Sun Residential Real Estate Investment Trust (the "Issuer") completed its initial public offering of 5,000,000 trust units (the "IPO") issued at a price of $0.10 per unit pursuant to an amended and restated prospectus dated July 26, 2019 and a concurrent private placement of 40,000,000 trust units issued at $0.10 per unit (the "Private Placement" and, together with the IPO, the "Transaction") resulting in aggregate gross proceeds to Sun of $4,500,000.
The latest draft now seeks to allow the registration of security tokens by nonresident foreign companies if the security tokens have been registered in another jurisdiction, provided that the following conditions are met: There is an information-sharing arrangement in place between the SEC and the competent regulator in the jurisdiction under the laws of which the issuer is organized or where it has its principal place of business that is applicable to the issuer; the security tokens are registered in another jurisdiction and the issuer provides sufficient proof of such registration and regulatory framework of the jurisdiction where registered, and the registration is subject to reciprocity.
Securities and Exchange Commission, withdrew the following Issuer Default Ratings as they are no longer considered by Fitch to be relevant to the agency's coverage.
Honeywell International Inc (NYSE:HON) revealed on Friday that related to its spin-off of Garrett Motion Inc from Honeywell, Garrett LX I Sa rl (the issuer) and Garrett Borrowing LLC (the co-issuer and together with the issuer, the issuers), wholly owned subsidiaries of Garrett, priced a private offering of EUR350m total of senior notes due 2026.
The general conditions for 'Public Offer of Securities' state that the issuer shall make a public offer of securities, the issuer has to be in operations for at least 3 financial years, the issuer has profitable track record for at least two preceding financial years from its core business activities.
If an LTCI issuer goes out of business in the future, the amendments could help the guaranty associations collect cash from life and annuity issuers, not just health insurance issuers, when the associations are trying to make good on the failed issuer's obligations to policyholders.
(NASDAQ: GOGO) has commenced a private offering of USD 100 million aggregate principal amount of additional 12.500% senior secured notes due 2022 (the "Additional Notes") to be issued by its direct wholly owned subsidiary, Gogo Intermediate Holdings LLC (the "Issuer"), and its indirect wholly owned subsidiary, Gogo Finance Co.
Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft (the "Issuer") has given notice that it is proposing making certain amendments to the terms and conditions of the outstanding USD 95,000,000 Floating Rate Notes Due 2023 Credit Linked to the "CRAFT 2014-4" Replenishable Loan Portfolio, the company said. has developed an "auto re-enrollment" process for users affected by issuer decisions to drop specific health plans.
A customized issuer homepage allows state and local officials to take charge of how information about outstanding issues is displayed on the Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA) website.