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1. Of, relating to, or forming an isthmus.
2. Of or relating to the Isthmus of Corinth, especially with regard to the biennial Pan-Hellenic games held there in antiquity.


(ˈɪsθmɪən; ˈɪstmɪən; ˈɪsmɪən) or


(Physical Geography) relating to or situated in an isthmus


(ˈɪsθmɪən; ˈɪstmɪən; ˈɪsmɪən)
(Placename) relating to or situated in the Isthmus of Corinth or the Isthmus of Panama


(ˈɪs mi ən)

1. of or pertaining to an isthmus.
2. (cap.) of or pertaining to the Isthmus of Corinth or the Isthmus of Panama.
3. a native or inhabitant of an isthmus.
[1595–1605; < Latin isthmi(us) (< Greek ísthmios of a neck of land, derivative of isthmós isthmus)]


a person who is a native or inhabitant of an isthmus. — isthmian, adj.
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Adj.1.isthmian - of or relating to or forming an isthmus
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Their topics include the archaic Temple of Poseidon: problems of design and invention, the temple deposit at Isthmia and the dating of archaic and early classical Greek coins, arms from the age of Philip and Alexander at Broneer's west foundation near Isthmia, Corinthian suburbia: patterns of Roman settlement on the isthmus, and work teams on the Isthmian Fortress and the development of a later Roman architectural aesthetic.
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