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also ix·tle (ĭs′lē, ĭst′-)
See pita2.

[American Spanish ixtle, from Nahuatl ichtli.]


(ˈɪstlɪ) or


(Textiles) a fibre obtained from various tropical American agave and yucca trees used in making carpets, cord, etc
[C19: from Mexican Spanish ixtle, from Nahuatl ichtli]


(ˈɪst li)

also ixtle

a fiber from any of several tropical American agave or yucca plants, used in making bagging, carpets, etc.
[1880–85; < Mexican Spanish istle, ixtle < Nahuatl īchtli]
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FIFTEEN 'companies' which have been set up by pupils from schools across the country are competing in the prestigious nal of the Young Enterprise Scotland Awards at the Glasgow istle Hotel on June 17.
Eighteen students from Middlesbrough College accessed all areas of istle Hotel, Middlesbrough.
He played more than 50 times for Dublin club St Patrick's Athletic and has also had loan stints at Bury and Partick istle since joining Town in 2013.
Well done also to Upton AA Reserves who secured their place in the Chester Challenge Cup nal after they overcame Blacon istle 4-1 after extra-time.
e challenge, part of the Lite@Nite charity campaign, will see hundreds of stafrom istle hotels running, swimming or cycling to the next property on the route, in aid of ve children's charities.
ey look weaker than Championship winners Dundee who have strengthened well and Partick istle should bene't from a year's experience in the top ight.
at group will include those who didn't take to the eld in the St Andrew's friendly against Inverness Caledonian istle.
BLUES rounded o preparations for the new season with a hearty victory over Inverness Caledonian istle.
He scored twice in City's 3-2 Sixelds win against the Blades last season but those were his only goals for the club and he was farmed out on loan to Patrick istle.
Well haven't played for a couple often ble ll o istle.
r s wo his istle Balotelli will now miss crucial matches against Napoli, Juventus and Catania in Milan's bid to qualify automatically for a Champions League place.
England added the conversion to make it 15-7 and almost on the wh istle, Stourbridge worked the ball left for Richard Trigg to sprint through for his eighth try in four games.