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 (ĭ-tăl′ĭk, ī-tăl′-)
1. Of or relating to ancient Italy or its peoples or cultures.
2. Of or relating to the branch of the Indo-European language family that includes Latin, Faliscan, Oscan, Umbrian, and the Romance languages.
3. italic Of or being a style of printing type patterned on a Renaissance script with the letters slanting to the right: This sentence is printed in italic type.
1. The Italic branch of Indo-European.
2. often italics Italic print or typeface.

[Latin Italicus, from Italia, Italy.]
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بالحُروف المائِلَه
bogstaver i kursiv
italik yazı


[ɪˈtælɪks] NPLcursiva f, (letra f) bastardilla f
in italicsen cursiva, en bastardilla
my italics; the italics are minelo subrayado es mío
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[ɪˈtælɪks] npl (Typ) → (carattere m) corsivo
in italics → in corsivo
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(iˈtӕlik) , (aiˈtalik) adjective
(of print) of the sloping kind used eg to show emphasis and for the examples in this dictionary. This example is printed in italic type.
iˈtalicize, iˈtalicise (-saiz) verb
to put (words) in italics.
iˈtalics noun plural
italic print. This example is printed in italics.
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References in classic literature ?
I then commenced and continued copying the Italics in Webster's Spelling Book, until I could make them all without looking on the book.
The words in italics were mutilated by the telegraph in transmission from Australia, and reaching the company in the form mentioned above gave rise to the mistake.
"EXCEPT Gilbert -- AND Charlie Sloane," said Diana, imitating Anne's italics and slyness.
She forgot to send any message of kindness to Lady O'Dowd, as her wont was--and did not mention Glorvina by name, and only in italics, as the Major's BRIDE, for whom she begged blessings.
THE FORMER SEEMS TO BE MUCH THE MORE IMPORTANT (The italics are mine.), for nearly similar variations sometimes arise under, as far as we can judge, dissimilar conditions; and on the other hand, dissimilar variations arise under conditions which appear to be nearly uniform." Nietzsche, recognising this same truth, would ascribe practically all the importance to the "highest functionaries in the organism, in which the life-will appears as an active and formative principle," and except in certain cases (where passive organisms alone are concerned) would not give such a prominent place to the influence of environment.
After mentioning the duality of subject and object, which is supposed to constitute consciousness, he proceeds in italics: "EXPERIENCE, I BELIEVE, HAS NO SUCH INNER DUPLICITY; AND THE SEPARATION OF IT INTO CONSCIOUSNESS AND CONTENT COMES, NOT BY WAY OF SUBTRACTION, BUT BY WAY OF ADDITION"(p.
The italics in these extracts, as in the foregoing, are my own.
Bon-Bon was Ionic - Bon-Bon was equally Italic. He reasoned à priori - He reasoned also à posteriori.
As a rule, moreover, our newspapers continually draw the readers' attention to the non-English words and expressions that we use by printing them in italics.All the words and phrases through which members of a culturo-linguistic community communicate belong to a chosen language usually English in the former English colonies.
A look at the edit history of the page reveals that Taiwan had as recently as January of this year been ranked 34 under the International Monetary Fund estimates, was not in italics and there was no such categorization of it as an having less international recognition.
After launching in 2015, Italics took the taste-buds of Bangkok by storm with its no-shortcuts approach to authentic Italian cuisine; now with a new weekly line-up of flavours the restaurant extends its reach to bring top quality dining experiences from around the world to the menu in the Thai capital.