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(ˈɪt əd)
1. contraction of it would.
2. contraction of it had.
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THE INCOME tax department ( ITD) is working on a strategy to identify " evasion prone sectors" of the Indian economy and the reasons behind tax avoidance, in order to plug tax leakage.
ITD is an international secured document that will identify Interpol law enforcement staff on official duty and facilitate their movements at international level.
The programs director at INTERPOL John Graul said that the proposed INTERPOL Travel Document (ITD) is an international secured document and it is aimed at the identification of the law enforcement staff related with official duties of INTERPOL and to facilitate their movements at international level.
"The decision by KCI to locate its global shared service center in Hungary shows that the quality of the local workforce can satisfy the needs of highly selective global companies," said Marianna Dene, CEO of ITD Hungary.
27 July 2010 - India's ICRA said it assigned an LBBB+ rating to the enhanced INR6.6bn (USD141.2m/EUR108.9m) fund-based bank limits of ITD Cementation India Ltd (BOM:509496).
FLT3 internal tandem duplication (ITD) mutations were more frequent in patients with APL than in other AML subtypes (17.5 vs.
Initial programs in Guatemala, Sri Lanka, and Papua New Guinea were met with enthusiasm by the host country and ITD team members recruited for the Mobile Education Teams.
In addition to prospective testing, several network laboratories have retested stored vaccine-like poliovirus isolates from before 2001 by using the two ITD methods and subjecting strains with atypical results to further investigation.
The US/Canadian mobile Internet infrastructure software developer 724 Solutions Inc has signed a partnership agreement with Iletisim Teknoloji Danismanlik (ITD), a Turkish-based provider of services related to payment, voice and e-business systems.
The study also reveals that 40 percent of high-tech tenants prefer to keep their businesses in Downtown's ITD, and more than half prefer to stay in Silicon Alley.
Because ITD seeks to assist companies with annual sales in the $2 million to $20 million range, those fees would be paid by small businesses.
Peter Chee, ITD President and the 1st Asian ranked among the top 6 Global Coaching Gurus, and Serely Alcaraz, #1 master trainer and chief coach at ITD World.