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Marked by iteration; repeating.
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Such monastic complexes like Ambaran not only served as important transit stations for the iterant monks, who were constant companions to the caravans of traders ferrying goods from the Indian mainland to Kashmir and further afield to Central Asia, but also as centres for propagation of Dhamma amongst the local hill communities.
Even in criminal law, which has lagged behind other legal systems in acknowledging the primacy of negotiated outcomes, judges have taken additional steps to review iterant settlement decisions routinely made by criminal defense attorneys and prosecutors.
The 10 chapters, essay, and afterword are titled: a journey guided by art through the Satoyama landscape; creating artwork on someone elseAEs land; human beings are part of nature; art discovers local resources; using existing things to create new values; Echigo-Tsumari and the art of the possible: the Fram Kitagawa philosophy in theory and practice; collaborations that transcend regionality, generations, and professions; public works and art; unique community landmarks; the art of daily life; global and local; the art of tourism in rural Japan: footnotes of an iterant architect; reflections on the first five editions.
Also in keeping with tradition, the 7 Series, the latest iterant of which went on sale in October, easily retained its fan base in the Gulf and 'expected to continue into 2016'.
The main goals of this workshop were to successfully instill the self-confidence and impart the knowledge necessary for iterant scientific writers to publish in a peer-reviewed journal.