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(ī-tĭn′ər-ən-sē, ĭ-tĭn′-) also i·tin·er·a·cy (-ə-sē)
n. pl. i·tin·er·an·cies also i·tin·er·a·cies
A state or system of itinerating, especially in the role or office of public speaker, minister, or judge.


(ɪˈtɪnərənsɪ; aɪ-) or


1. the act of itinerating
2. (Protestantism) chiefly Methodist Church the system of appointing a minister to a circuit of churches or chapels
3. itinerants collectively


(aɪˈtɪn ər ən si, ɪˈtɪn-)

also i•tin•er•a•cy

(-ə si)

1. the act of traveling from place to place, esp. in the discharge of duty or the conducting of business.
2. the state of being itinerant.
3. the system of rotation governing the ministry of the Methodist Church.

itinerancy, itineracy

1. the act or state of traveling from place to place.
2. persons, collectively, whose occupation obliges them to travel constantly.
3. such an occupation. — itinerant. n., adj.
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