ivy geranium

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Noun1.ivy geranium - a commonly cultivated trailing South American plant with peltate leaves and rosy flowers
geranium - any of numerous plants of the family Geraniaceae
genus Pelargonium, Pelargonium - geraniums native chiefly to South Africa; widely cultivated
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The turf was hemmed with an edge of scarlet geranium and coleus, and cast-iron vases painted in chocolate colour, standing at intervals along the winding path that led to the sea, looped their garlands of petunia and ivy geranium above the neatly raked gravel.
BLOOM: Cape Daisy' SET A: Ivy Geranium' SET B: Busy Lizzie
Chickadees and purple martins return to the same birdhouses annually, and blue jays repeatedly try to build their nests in the ivy geranium baskets.
Fuchsia: Mass of flowers and colour; Fuchsia: Bright and cheerful; Surfinia: Cascading colour; Ivy geranium: Easy to grow
Upscale retailers shopping for holiday looks said they can't wait for Christmas and want the Ivy Geranium collection for spring, just in time for garden and poolside parties.
plants are ivy geranium, alyssum, vinca and lobelia.
The ivy geranium is a striking plant that adds height and interest to the garden, he says.
Fuchsia: Bright and cheerful; Fuchsia: Mass of flowers and colour; Surfinia: Cascading colour; Ivy geranium: Easy to grow
10-inch premium hanging (green) baskets, choice of double impatients, million bells, fuschia, lobelia, ivy geranium, wave petunia, verbena or bacopa, $15;
(He experimented with plant combos at the nursery first.) The plants include (from top right) red ivy geranium; helichrysum with yellow Bidens ferulifolia; lamb's ears and purple million bells with B.
For plants that plunge over and dangle down, use ivy geranium, lobelia, and Lotus berthelotii (also called parrot's beak).
At far left, you see the budworm-free leaf of an ivy geranium compared with the leaf of a common geranium.