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also y·wis  (ĭ-wĭs′)
adv. Archaic
Certainly; assuredly.

[Middle English, from Old English gewis, certain; see weid- in Indo-European roots.]


(ɪˈwɪs) or


an archaic word for certainly
[C12: from Old English gewiss certain]



adv. Archaic.
[before 900; Middle English, adv. use of neuter of Old English gewiss (adj.) certain, c. Old High German giwis; akin to wit2; see y-]
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This being said, IWI managed to keep the weight down to 6.9 kg without magazine and scope, which is in line with other weapons of similar category.
The year 1992 was a crucial one in New Zealand's recent history, as it was the year when the New Zealand Crown ('the Crown') began preparing a landmark settlement with Maori tribes ('iwi') over New Zealand's fisheries' assets.
Since I it bound where it was free, Methinks, iwis, of right it should Accepted be.
Shri Rajiv Ranjan Mishra, DG, NMCG said, The state wise session was a unique deliberation in this version of IWIS. The ministers from the states and senior bureaucrats discussed the various challenges that they face at the ground level implementation of the program.
Because measurement is contactless, the chain drive is not affected in any way; no additional deflection pulleys or supports are needed, iwis drive systems, 317-821-3539, www.iwisusa.com.
And if 1 myghte excuse hire any wise, For she so sory was for hire untrouthe, Iwis, I wolde excuse hire yet for routhe.
With optimized load distribution, IWIS power-and-free conveyor chains convey, accumulate, single out and accelerate pallets, containers, crates and other materials in continuous transport.
Maya 74 is a hard white spring wheat developed by CIMMYT (IWIS, 2004).
A strict Euler Path word is one in which one can trace all the letters without lifting pencil from paper and connecting successive letters with horizontal lines: CULM, CULP, ISIS, IWIS, JIMP, MILS, NIMS, NISI, SIMS, SIMP, SWIM, SWIMS, VIMS.
Treasury advised Mr Parker the exemption may positively impact the commercial value of Ngati Manuhiris land, transferred as part of the iwis Treaty settlement.
Members that took part in the EPTDA pavilion at the Drives show included Iwis Chain, Bega Tools, Posi Lock Puller and Diamond Chain, plus many others.
(sixteenth century) Nay, nay Ive, it may not be iwis, For Holy must haue the mastry, as the maner is.