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Adj.1.ixc - being nine more than eightyixc - being nine more than eighty    
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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In addition to reviewing IXC UK's own data, SQW worked with five of IXC's partner universities as well as 19 of the brokerage's commercial clients to reach its conclusions.
Sir Digby Jones, former CBI director general, first spotted the potential of IXC to halt the UK's lag in research and development intensive sectors on a trip down under.
Under Bell Atlantic's relationship with long distance carriers like IXC Communications, voice, data and video customers can obtain seamless, end-to-end ATM service.
Launched two years ago as a Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF) funded initiative to help companies collaborate on product development, IXC UK has identified nearly 800 potential collaborative opportunities for its clients.
Telecommunications Service Providers Subscriber Growth 2005-2010 presents the subscriber base for major companies in the wireless, CLEC, ILEC, IXC, and cable company segments and forecasts subscriber growth though 2010.
IXC has already connected several small Birmingham-based businesses with larger corporates.
As a licensed IXC and CLEC, IDT will provide Net2Phone Cable Telephony with its services at favorable rates.
IXC UK offers a confidential intermediary service, leadership luncheons, innovation forums and a Visiting International Fellows Programme.
Now BRDL, patron to some of the UK's most successful university spin-out projects including the Technology Transfer Fund and Mercia Spinner, has taken on IXC intermediary Dr Sarah Pearson, an internationally-renowned physicist.