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Adj.1.ixc - being nine more than eightyixc - being nine more than eighty    
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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ESCORT, a company involved in premium radar and laser detection technology, is launching its new ESCORT iXc Connected Driver Alert & Information System.
The IXC combines innovation capability with a customer experience showcase to bring digitisation to life for Cisco's customers and partners.
The IXC is a first of its kind worldwide in that it combines innovation capability with a customer experience showcase to bring digitization to life for Cisco's customers and our partners.
The IXC demonstrates the Cisco command and control centre as well, whereby Cisco's solutions enable a highly responsive and resilient environment where staff can quickly capture information from callers and forward it to responders on their way to the scene.
The petition noted that under Section 2, Article IXC of the Constitution, the Comelec is specifically tasked to enforce and administer all laws relating to the conduct of elections to public office and to ensure free, orderly and honest, peaceful and credible elections.
IXc ProfiPACK by IPMS/USA National award-winning modeler Kevin Ferris, and a detailed refit of a 1:700 scale USS Alabama.
EarthLink Carrier, the carrier division of EarthLink, Inc., is a facilities-based wholesale telecommunications provider to Inter-Exchange Carriers (IXC), wireless carriers, Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs), Local Exchange Carriers (LECs), Internet Service Providers (ISPs), VoIP providers, resellers, content providers, and cable companies.
Although it did not specify a start date or scale of the planned operations, the partners did stress that "Air Arabia Jordan, the first IXC based in the Hashemite Kingdom, will provide direct service to a range of destinations across the Europe, Middle East and North Africa region from Queen Alia International Airport."
US telecommunications carrier TelePacific Communications has signed a contract to take control of IXC and IXC Holdings, together offering business-grade IP services under the name Telekenex.
10 August 2010 - Canada-based Wellington Financial LP said it has extended USD5.5m (EUR4.2m) in debt financing to US business-grade IP service provider IXC Inc, which does business as Telekenex.
Andrew Jones, Haines Watts; Andrew Harnang, Aston University; David Wooldridge, Oxford Brookes University Donna Johnson, Hilton Birmingham Metropole; David Sedgwick, Clarke Willmott Ian Sparkes, HSBC; Simon Ecclestone, Automation Hub; Peter Wall, WG Eaton Above, Darren Hayes Powell, Goodyear Dunlop; Sam McGuire, guest speaker; Ian Day, 121; Chris Clifford, CBI; James Heath, Argent Estates Right: James Heath, Argent Estates; Sam McGuire, guest speaker; Chris Clifford, CBI Alan Hayes, Amey; Adrian Shooter, Chiltern Railways James Elliott, IXC UK; Sid Muir, Allied Irish Bank; Simon Marshall, Seven Trent Laboratories Paul Lawrence, Honestus; Lesley Matile, Peak Performance Coaching
The IXC is a vital part of the DTI's strategy to keep British firms at the forefront of world business and is funded by the University of Birmingham's Business School, via the Higher Education Funding Council for England.