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This 585km permit is in shallow water and contains multiple attractive leads in the same proven oil producing basin that includes the Talbot, Jabiru, and Cassini / Challis oil fields.
You must also purchase a permit to visit the adjoining town of Gunbalanya in advance from the Northern Land Council in Darwin or Jabiru.
crocs are lurking A jabiru takes flight GLIDING through a wilderness flanked by free-flowing rivers and giant escarpments, I imagine nature's bounty has never seemed so generous.
This means more than acknowledgement of country and a smoking ceremony," Gunner said in a speech in the town of Jabiru to mark his Labor government's one-year anniversary.
During these years, visits to Kakadu and Jabiru were highlights, as my son John was teaching science at Jabiru and organised a Wind Festival to celebrate the onset of the next change in the local Aboriginal calendar.
ciguena jabiru, ciguena americana, pato golondrino, cerceta aliazul clara, pato chalcuan, pato boludo chico, y martin pescador, listados en la NOM -059, UICN y CITES), mas del 80% de las especies de aves de humedal registrados en la zona costera, quedarian desprotegidas.
In Europe, the Trail is flown with the 80-HP Rotax 912 UL, but there's also a Jabiru 2200 and Sauer option.
The local Aboriginal people, the Mirarr, called for a cull of the predatory reptiles around Jabiru following the incident.
The Ranger Project Area, Jabiluka lease to the adjacent North, and the town of Jabiru are located on Aboriginal land of the Mirarr people.
Against a crimson sky, a pair of jabiru storks return home to roost, while bats flitter low over the river, scooping up insects in a complex aerial ballet.