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 (zhă-bō′, jăb′ō)
An ornamental cascade of ruffles or frills down the front of a shirt, blouse, or dress.

[French, crop of a bird, jabot, perhaps of Celtic origin.]


(Clothing & Fashion) a frill or ruffle on the breast or throat of a garment, originally to hide the closure of a shirt
[C19: from French: bird's crop, jabot; compare Old French gave throat]


(ʒæˈboʊ, dʒæ-; esp. Brit. ˈʒæb oʊ, ˈdʒæb oʊ)

a decorative ruffle or other gathering of lace or cloth attached at the neckline and extending down the front of a woman's blouse or dress or, formerly, of a man's shirt.
[1815–25; < French: literally, bird's crop]


A ruffle or frill worn at the front of the neck of a shirt or blouse.
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Noun1.jabot - a ruffle on the front of a woman's blouse or a man's shirtjabot - a ruffle on the front of a woman's blouse or a man's shirt
flounce, furbelow, ruffle, frill - a strip of pleated material used as a decoration or a trim
References in classic literature ?
On her white shirtwaist was a pleated jabot of cheap lace, caught with a large novelty pin of imitation coral.
Findings from studies reviewed showed teachers made progress acquiring knowledge and skills when there was deliberate practice with feedback built on knowledge and skills preservice teachers were acquiring in coursework (Alexander, Lignugaris-Kraft, & Forbush, 2007; Al Otaiba, Lake, Greulich, Folsom, & Guidry, 2012; Al Otaiba, Schatschneider, & Silverman, 2005; Maheady, Jabot, Rey, & Michielli-Pendl, 2007; Spear-Swerling, 2009).
Jack got the Abbott family members together to fight Victor, who plans to take over Jabot.
The idealised neoclassicism of this portrait of a statesman is tempered by an almost Romantic profusion of curling locks, and the liveliness of the carving of his lace jabot and the tasselled ropes securing an elaborately embroidered cloak.
Billy also questioned Jack about recruiting Gabriel at Jabot and his profile in the company.
Twelve year old Charles Hope, Viscount Aithrie, was wearing "a heavy red and gold brocade coat, a lace jabot, satin knickerbockers and white stockings".
Jabot (science education, SUNY, Fredonia), McCormack (science education, San Diego State U.
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An exciting new session at HBA Re-Connect will be presented by Alisa Marie Beyer, Founder & Creative Director, The Beauty Company; "Creating Hollywood's Backstage Beauty Secret: The Story of Jabot Cosmetics.
in partnership with Sony Pictures, and CBS Consumer Products, has launched Jabot Cosmetics, one of the first fictional beauty brands to become available for purchase to consumers.
Here Swarnalata Ghose wears a stylish gown - maybe a riding habit with a high neck and jabot - as well as a sola topi (sun hat made of sola pith), while Monomohan is in a three-piece suit, complete with watch-chain.
His robes, including a jabot and cape, were supplied by Stagewear Unlimited, of Rotherham.