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 (zhă-bō′, jăb′ō)
An ornamental cascade of ruffles or frills down the front of a shirt, blouse, or dress.

[French, crop of a bird, jabot, perhaps of Celtic origin.]
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(Clothing & Fashion) a frill or ruffle on the breast or throat of a garment, originally to hide the closure of a shirt
[C19: from French: bird's crop, jabot; compare Old French gave throat]
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(ʒæˈboʊ, dʒæ-; esp. Brit. ˈʒæb oʊ, ˈdʒæb oʊ)

a decorative ruffle or other gathering of lace or cloth attached at the neckline and extending down the front of a woman's blouse or dress or, formerly, of a man's shirt.
[1815–25; < French: literally, bird's crop]
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A ruffle or frill worn at the front of the neck of a shirt or blouse.
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Noun1.jabot - a ruffle on the front of a woman's blouse or a man's shirtjabot - a ruffle on the front of a woman's blouse or a man's shirt
flounce, furbelow, ruffle, frill - a strip of pleated material used as a decoration or a trim
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References in classic literature ?
On her white shirtwaist was a pleated jabot of cheap lace, caught with a large novelty pin of imitation coral.
Forego swags and jabots in favor of a tailored valance, if at all.
Princess Diana often sported a chic frill at her neck during the early 1980s, while the New Romantics bands and their followers opted for lace jabots, mufflers and ruffles.
Veering away from the conventional swags and jabots on the stairways, the decorator covers up the wrought iron railing with faux fir tree garlands made to look like crawling vines.
The menswear is devoid of deep cuffs and fan pleating, though the cravats and jabots are highly exaggerated in contrast.
And the Deputy and Assistant Serjeant at Arms spent almost PS8,000 between them on old fashioned clobber including glitzy shoe buckles, white gloves, wig bags and jabots - frilly ties.