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Any of various South and Central American birds of the family Galbulidae, having iridescent plumage and a long bill.

[French, possibly of Tupian origin.]


(Animals) any bird of the tropical American family Galbulidae, having an iridescent plumage and feeding on insects: order Piciformes (woodpeckers, etc)
[C19: from French, from Tupi jacamá-ciri]


(ˈdʒæk əˌmɑr)

any tropical American bird of the family Galbulidae, having a long bill and usu. metallic green plumage above.
[1640–50; < French < Tupi jacamáciri]
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Noun1.jacamar - tropical American insectivorous bird having a long sharp bill and iridescent green or bronze plumagejacamar - tropical American insectivorous bird having a long sharp bill and iridescent green or bronze plumage
piciform bird - any of numerous nonpasserine insectivorous climbing birds usually having strong bills for boring wood
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In January 2011, OSG redelivered two Aframaxes, the Overseas Jacamar, which had been chartered in, and the Aqua, a time-charter in which the Company had a less than 100% interest; and
Brown-banded Puffbird (Notharchus ordii), Paradise Jacamar (Galbula dea), Bar-bellied Woodcreeper (Hylexetastes stresemanni), Lineated Woodcreeper (Lepidocolaptes albolineatus), Rufous-winged Foliage-Gleaner (Philydor erythropterum), Slender-billed Xenops (Microxenops milled), Yellow-browed Antbird (Hypocnemis hypoxantha), Rufous-tailed Flatbill (Ramphotrigon ruficauda), Citron-bellied Attila (.
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