jack rabbit

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n. or jack rabbit
Any of several large, long-eared, long-legged hares of the genus Lepus.
intr.v. jack·rab·bit·ed, jack·rab·bit·ing, jack·rab·bits
To move or begin to move rapidly or suddenly: "A rear tire blew out and the car jackrabbited out of control" (Sonny Kleinfield).
Moving or beginning to move in a sudden, rapid manner: won the race with a jackrabbit start.

[jack(ass) (from its long ears) + rabbit.]
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jack rabbit



(Animals) any of various W North American hares, such as Lepus townsendi (white-tailed jack rabbit), having long hind legs and large ears
[C19: shortened from jackass-rabbit, referring to its long ears]
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jack′ rab`bit

any of various large hares of W North America, having long hind legs and long ears.
[1860–65; jack (ass) + rabbit; so named from the size of its ears]


(ˈdʒækˌræb ɪt)

1. resembling a jack rabbit, as in suddenness or rapidity of movement.
2. to go or start forward with a rapid, sudden movement.
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Over the moat Will sprang, through the bushes and briars, across the swamp, over stocks and stones, up the woodland roads in long leaps like a scared jack rabbit. And after him puffed the Sheriff and his men, their force scattering out in the flight as one man would tumble head-first into a ditch, another mire up in the swamp, another trip over a rolling stone, and still others sit down on the roadside and gasp for wind like fish out of water.
2 The Jack Rabbit bicycle LIKE some kind of crazy modern-day penny-farthing, the Jack Rabbit comes cruising into view at CES with one mission - to find a better way of getting around cities and campuses.
It is for the "no name" gunsmith that nobody is writing up when they fixed up the gun used to shoot a "world record" jack rabbit. Specialty, big-time shops, and custom makers that regularly do business in deep in to the six-figure range and up aren't going to understand this anyway.
Prior to the festival, jazz gigs and workshops will be held starting with a Jazz Gig by Jack Rabbit Slims and Likwid at The Avenues on September 28.
The fates of these characters collide after Marsellus asks Vincent to entertain his wife Mia (Uma Thurman) in his absence and the cool cats head down to Jack Rabbit Slims for a hip-swivelling turn on the dance floor.
Caption: Breaking a clay running jack rabbit at the Running Jack Rabbit Match.
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has weighed in with a jack rabbit known as the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon.
I can picture EmilyVirgin hand-feeding a jack rabbit, but I'm struggling
Simply pop the jack rabbit into your MP3 player, smart phone or iPod, and then plug two sets of headphones into the rabbit's ears, and then you and your pal can both sit and listen to the same song.
Western hunters and shooters living in jack rabbit or prairie dog environments will find the .22 Mag a significant step up in performance from the .22 LR.