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(ˈdʒæk əˌlæn tərn)

1. a hollowed pumpkin with openings cut to represent a human face, traditionally displayed at Halloween, often with a candle or other light inside.
2. any phenomenon of light, as a corona discharge or an ignis fatuus.
3. a poisonous luminescent orange fungus, Omphalotus olearius, that grows in clusters at the base of tree stumps.
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Noun1.jack-o-lantern - a large poisonous agaric with orange caps and narrow clustered stalksjack-o-lantern - a large poisonous agaric with orange caps and narrow clustered stalks; the gills are luminescent
agaric - a saprophytic fungus of the order Agaricales having an umbrellalike cap with gills on the underside
genus Omphalotus, Omphalotus - a genus of fungi with a depressed disc in the cap
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Cub Scout Pack and Boy Scout Troop 313 started their Ichabod Crane Night tradition 20 years ago and every year, Scouts get to show off their accomplished Jack-O-Lanterns.
This can cause a child to trip or may touch flames in jack-o-lanterns or other decorations.
There has been a long tradition of carving Jack-o-lanterns for Halloween.
Custom Jack-O-Lantern Tote--This simple craft needs just a few easy materials and allows kids to get creative while working on fine motor skills.
They became 11th Hour Farming Artists two years ago, after they bartered with Peter and Kristin Orr, the owners of Fort Hill Farms, to grow organic pumpkins and other vegetables on 4 acres in exchange for an annual jack-o-lantern show.
Jack-O-Lanterns were traditionally carved from turnips and lit for Halloween to welcome the spirits of loved ones who had passed, as the veil between them and the living is considered to be the thinnest on the night of the October 31.
Discarded after Halloween, Tim's beloved jack-o-lantern eventually grows new pumpkins from its old seeds.
Originally, Irish jack-o-lanterns were hollowed out of vegetables, such as rutabagas; gourds, potatoes or beets.
Pumpkins aren't just for making pies and jack-o-lanterns anymore.
Get creative with Duck Tape([R]) brand duct tape and the Stick or Treat([TM]) Jack-O-Lantern Contest-
An image of the sun, taken last October 8, with a Jack-O-Lantern grin was released by NASA.
Jack-o-lantern entries will be on display later that evening in downtown Harpers Ferry from 6:00p.