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also jack-boot·ed  (jăk′bo͞o′tĭd)
1. Wearing jackboots.
2. Cruelly and violently oppressive: "a revival of the aggressive, jack-booted militarism of the Thirties and Forties" (Saturday Review).
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figuring they would outsmart the jackbooted storm (ironic, eh?
The French and the Dutch, they appreciate it more because they were under the thumb of the jackbooted Nazis," he says.
Oct 24-Nov 21 SCORPIO NEXT year, you will continue to be crushed beneath the jackbooted heel of capitalism, although you will enjoy a lovely break in Whitby and a day trip to Bury market.
John's letter (August 10) made me stop and think about the way in which I reacted when I first observed what I thought at the time were leather jacketed, Jackbooted hooligans using foulmouthed language to the public in general.
It not only creates fear and loathing in a citizenry already under bombardment but makes for a schism between them and the jackbooted military invading their privacy.
Or Johnson going straight bananas, inventing stupid myths in a battle bus with a PS350million lie emblazoned on the side as he gurgles unintelligently in the sewer - mistaking a democracy of nations for Hitler's jackbooted Nazis.
Jobbik once had a jackbooted militia but is now, too, trying to clean up its fascist image.
To step inside Wewelsburg castle is to take a trip back in time to when jackbooted SS thugs cavorted here as Heinrich Himmler dressed up in medieval costume, convinced he was the reincarnation of a prince.
These days, the state doesn't deploy jackbooted thugs to enforce its diktats.
The threat comes not from jackbooted political censorship but from a stifling atmosphere of conformism and speech codes, where the chant from authorities and the online lynch mobs is always: "You can't say that
It's a path the Nazis began when they jackbooted their way across Europe 70 years ago, vaccinating all children, with diphtheria vaccine, and conducting other medical experiments at concentration camp hellholes.
We would go almost everywhere at Benning by leather-bound transport, meaning our jackbooted feet, which were themselves no longer feet, but "dogs.