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also jack-boot·ed  (jăk′bo͞o′tĭd)
1. Wearing jackboots.
2. Cruelly and violently oppressive: "a revival of the aggressive, jack-booted militarism of the Thirties and Forties" (Saturday Review).
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In the 1930s Johnson was seduced by fascism, developing a deep admiration for Mussolini's Italy and an even bigger hard-on for Hitler's jackbooted Germany, even finding himself enthusiastically reporting for a far-right US magazine as war broke out and German forces stormed through Poland.
In making the need for driver's licenses for immigrants more urgent through jackbooted immigration enforcement, he also improved its political prospects.
Jackbooted Ofsted officers marching back and forth, clipboards in hand, doing a tick-box roll-call.
CARTER Aug 24-Sep 22 NEXT year, you will continue to be crushed beneath the jackbooted heel of capitalism, although you will also enjoy a lovely break in Whitby and a nice day trip to Bury market.
A troupe of jackbooted dancers pirouette across the stage with machine guns, like something out of a North Korean Olympic opening ceremony.
Moderate Labour MPs now visited by the jackbooted Momentum members, in their constituency rooms.
Elsewhere he writes that "right-wing libertarians" in "their 21st-century Republican Party version" have claimed that "raising the marginal tax rate for income above $400,000 from 35 to 39.6 percent means turning the country over to jackbooted storm troopers." Although I, like virtually all of the hundreds of libertarians I know (rightwing or otherwise), opposed that tax hike, I don't recall any libertarian making that claim.
I'll say I sold thepi!" figuring they would outsmart the jackbooted storm (ironic, eh?) troopers at their door.
The French and the Dutch, they appreciate it more because they were under the thumb of the jackbooted Nazis," he says.
John's letter (August 10) made me stop and think about the way in which I reacted when I first observed what I thought at the time were leather jacketed, Jackbooted hooligans using foulmouthed language to the public in general.
Were the targets of the violence and threats of violence liberal speakers, these actors would be screaming about "jackbooted thugs" from the right - and they'd be correct.