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A handheld machine for drilling rock and breaking up pavement, operated by compressed air.

jack′ham′mer v.


(Tools) a hand-held hammer drill, driven by compressed air, for drilling rocks, etc


(ˈdʒækˌhæm ər)

a portable drill operated by compressed air and used to drill rock, break up pavement, etc.
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Noun1.jackhammer - a hammer driven by compressed airjackhammer - a hammer driven by compressed air  
power hammer, hammer - a power tool for drilling rocks


[ˈdʒækˌhæməʳ] N (esp US) → taladradora f, martillo m neumático
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Caption: Stephen Browning won the Bassmaster Central Open, throwing two different ChatterBait JackHammers.
Workers using jackhammers have started the demolition of illegal structures at a controversial resort here on Saturday.
The destruction at Nimrud followed the extremist group's release of a video the week before showing militants armed with sledgehammers and jackhammers smashing priceless ancient artefacts at the Mosul museum.
jackhammers, that looks like a fun job, kids laugh, savor their first
All the concrete had been reinforced and in the end we needed a compressor and jackhammers to get it out.
Despite the distraction of dust, drills and jackhammers on an unmistakable construction site, the promise of a value-priced apartment with attractive features and sophisticated amenities has resulted in nine contracts for Embelesar 118 sent out for signing within the first eight weeks that The Corcoran Group began marketing there.
Corporate groups can choose a teambuilding exercise involving locating buried ammunition boxes based on GPS coordinates and excavating them to get the next clue--which can be encased in concrete at the customer's request if you want to involve jackhammers. Pricing is premium, ranging from $280 per person for a half-day on the loader to $750 for a full day on a dozer or an excavator.
Rental jackhammers come with an assortment of bits, but only use the chisel-point bit.
It can also power up to 72 pound jackhammers and other air tools.
According to Reich, criteria can be set "so that the money does go to others, the long-term unemployed, minorities, women." In other words, the jackhammers, cement mixers, and other heavy equipment should be manned by layabouts, affirmative-action hires, and mothers.
Paul Osborne's THE MYSTERY OF SAUSAGE AND OTHER RIDICULOUS BLUEPRINTS (0740771094, $12.99) provides hilarious blueprint-based forms with zany considerations, from Martha Stewart's Guide to Nuclear Reactor Cleaning to How to Open Packaging given only a few tools--like chainsaws and jackhammers. And Revilo's UNKNOWN WORLDS!