jacking off

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Noun1.jacking off - slang for masturbation
masturbation, onanism - manual stimulation of the genital organs (of yourself or another) for sexual pleasure
jargon, lingo, patois, argot, vernacular, slang, cant - a characteristic language of a particular group (as among thieves); "they don't speak our lingo"
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Synopsis: You can almost make just enough money to buy heroin every day by jacking off for people on the Internet.
Rereading Doucet, I am reminded of when cartoonist Lynda Barry recounted with delight that she had always been curious as to why male cartoonists so often drew themselves "with giant dicks, jacking off and then looking really depressed after," until she drew herself with those body parts doing the exact same thing and "felt so much better.
For women, jacking off has the additional benefit of preventing cervical infections and urinary tract infections through opening of the cervix that happens when arousal takes place.
I hope you hang yourself with your H&M scarf," she snarls, "While jacking off listening to Mozart.