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1. jackstraws(used with a sing. verb) A game played with a pile of straws or thin sticks, with the players attempting in turn to remove a single stick without disturbing the others.
2. One of the straws or sticks used in this game.
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1. (Games, other than specified) a thin strip of wood used in the game of spillikins
2. informal an insignificant person
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1. one of the thin strips of wood or other material used in jackstraws.
2. jackstraws, (used with a sing. v.) a game in which piled jackstraws must be picked up, one by one, without disturbing the heap.
[1590–1600; earlier, scarecrow, after Jack Straw, name or nickname of one of the leaders of the rebellion headed by Wat Tyler in 1381 in England]
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Noun1.jackstraw - a thin strip of wood used in playing the game of jackstraws
strip - thin piece of wood or metal
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[ˈdʒækstrɔː] N (US) → pajita f
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Head held high, he worked his way around jackstraw pines and passed behind a lone boulder before coming into range, where my arrow sliced away.
received fellowships from CantoMundo and Jackstraw. She's been
(15) Hone Tuwhare, 'The New Zealand Land March on Wellington, Hepetema 14--Oketopa 17, 1975', in Making a Fist of It: Poems and Short Stories (Dunedin: Jackstraw Press, 1978), pp.
This correspondence between warm, dry, idiophonic percussion and the movements of reanimated skeletons is initiated in "The Bight" by the early juxtaposition of "ribs" and "marimba music." Bishop then pursues this correspondence with a succession of hard, velar consonants--"ocher," "work," "dock," "claves," "pickaxes," "black," "jackstraw," "hooks," "chickenwire," "shark," "Click.
Many of Eugene Celebration groups - such as Jackstraw, the Shook Twins, And And And and Chuck Prophet - come through town fairly often.
The crystals in adult rhabdomyoma ("jackstraw" crystals) are usually more densely eosinophilic and represent cross-striated tropomyosin rather than immunoglobulins.
Here he becomes emblematically a jackstraw, an effigy, or stuffed man.
The pond is part of the headwaters for Jackstraw Brook.
Specimens of jackstraw cerussite were also recovered, unusual for this district and for the British Isles.
JACKStraw''s latest decision to allow the agony to continue for Michael Shields and his family should not surprise those with long memories.
His life was made to play out at high levels of government-a jackstraw caught up in the winds of the law and the land.
Walter Wolfgang, 84, famously ejected from the 2005 Labour Party conference for heckling JackStraw, was among the organisers of the first Aldermaston rally.