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Noun1.jade vine - vigorous Philippine evergreen twining liana; grown for spectacular festoons of green flowers that resemble lobster claws
genus Strongylodon, Strongylodon - genus of Polynesian or southeastern Asian shrubs or vines
liana - a woody climbing usually tropical plant
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And, forgive my ignorance, I do not know what the tayabak is, Wikipedia says it is commonly known as jade vine and a native of Philippine forests.
The Green Jade Vine is native to the Philippines, but is part of the Liverpool's historic botanical collection.
Strogylodon Macrobotrys, or the jade vine as it is better known, has a highly unusual blue-green flower and has been lying dormant at Durham University Botanical Garden since head gardener Mike Hughes planted it five years ago.
This jade vine, or Strogylodon Macrobotrys, was planted at Durham University's Botanical Garden half a decade ago, when they received a cutting from their counterparts in Edinburgh.
Jade Vine (Alzao-Grey Dream) b f Vettori Observatory
Closer to home, O'Brien runs debutante Jade Vine in the Omeath Two- Year-Old Fillies Maiden at Dundalk this evening.
However, there are no mistakes on the new 5 piso; tayabak is not Tayabas misspelled, it is the native name of the jade vine, which is found on the said coin.
One of her biggest paintings, 'Nanganganib (Endangered),' depicts a forest with a tarsier, Luzon peacock butterflies, a spotted deer, a Palawan peacock, a red veiled cockatoo and endangered plants such as the jade vine, the pitcher plant and the waling-waling orchid.