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1. Marked by irregular projections and indentations on the edge or surface: the jagged edge of the broken window.
2. Having a rough or harsh quality: "not a stutter exactly but a jagged sound, as if the words were being broken off from some other, stronger current of words deep inside" (Anne Tyler).

jag′ged·ly adv.
jag′ged·ness n.
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Noun1.jaggedness - something irregular like a bump or crack in a smooth surface
unevenness, variability - the quality of being uneven and lacking uniformity
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Lack of smoothness or regularity:
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تَحْزيز، تَسَنُّن


(ˈdʒӕgid) adjective
having rough or sharp and uneven edges. jagged rocks.
ˈjaggedly adverb
ˈjaggedness noun
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On the newer songs, the jaggedness of homesickness and a real-life romantic breakup is on display, but their edges are smoothed by a thin muslin veil of storytelling.
Furthermore, as Steen points out, "Fractal dimension (is) a measurement of the jaggedness of an object" (1988:413).
The paratactic arrangement of Prynne's text, the frequent use of anacolutha that signify a rapid transition such as that from "been" to "gone," indeed all of this syntactic jaggedness and lexical complexity represent an attempt to oppose the onslaught of reification that cannot be pinned down against a wall of dogma.
"I'll go through series and series of sketches; each one of those drawing phases informs something--perhaps the silhouette, or just the jaggedness of the line.
"She is determined to pull meaning into play, without apologising for any inconvenience, confusion or jaggedness, and this comes along with the viewer as much as any artistic intention."
One suspects that some translators have perhaps smoothed out the jaggedness of Akin's syntax that other translators are at pains to preserve.
(16) Clearly, the supply and demand curves shifts will not be as smooth and proportional as shown above; their jaggedness and changing elasticities during the transition produce totally different curves in each market.
To prevent excess jaggedness, the ordinate of each data point is the average proportion endorsement of the corresponding option across examinees whose estimated ability (under the model of concern in each case) is within 0.15 units of the nominal ability at the abscissa of the point.
Someone who prefers an aesthetic of jaggedness and rough cuts to one of smoothness and continuity.
These constantly shifting voices give the book an uneasy, splintered feeling, highlighting the fragmented nature of history rather than its continuities, the jaggedness of each character's identity mirroring that of a state where whites, Native Americans and Mexicans robbed, cheated and slaughtered one another with astonishing regularity for hundreds of years." AMY GENTRY
The song is uptempo and rousing, with tense drum fills and periodic jaggedness in he melody.
Sir Syed's work was serious, constructive and persuasive but in reaction the humour and satire of demeanor was introduced in the form of Owad-e-punch, which swathed the irregularities, serration and jaggedness of the society.