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adj. jag·gi·er, jag·gi·est
Having jags; jagged or serrated.
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adj, -gier or -giest
1. a less common word for jagged
2. Scot prickly
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(ˈdʒæg i)

adj. -gi•er, -gi•est.
jagged; notched.
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Adj.1.jaggy - having an irregularly notched or toothed margin as though gnawedjaggy - having an irregularly notched or toothed margin as though gnawed
rough - of the margin of a leaf shape; having the edge cut or fringed or scalloped
2.jaggy - having a sharply uneven surface or outline; "the jagged outline of the crags"; "scraggy cliffs"
uneven - not even or uniform as e.g. in shape or texture; "an uneven color"; "uneven ground"; "uneven margins"; "wood with an uneven grain"
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So let us watch and say jaggy things, in the hope that some of them will hurt.
Paxo, Oxo and Bisto turn out to be highly rambunctious, rather than merely chatty, and the roses have jaggy thorns.
A miss from Adamson gave UP a chance to either equalize or take the lead but Jaggy Gregorio's trey from the left wing came up short.
A man accused of biting his girlfriend was cleared after she insisted she scratched herself by accident on his"jaggy teeth".
Complaining about degraded graphics, another user said, "my resolution is so low after this update, its all a jaggy mess." Hopefully, the developers will take note of the issues and patch the same with another update.
I don't think I would get as much following as I do today if not for the BDA, and that's really important for a young, growing brand,' said Jaggy Glarino, one of 2017's winners.
A Traditional cider is being joined by two which will offer the beers some pretty strong competition: a Whisky Cask at 6.9% and Jaggy Thistle at a hefty 7.2% For those with different tastes, there also will be a prosecco bar and a selection of gins and mixers.
BDA's first year introduced the refreshing talents of winners RJ 'Randolf' Santos, Jaggy Glarino and Jenni Contreras.
This week alone there's been wee boys getting stung by jaggy nettles at Firhill while Partick Thistle and Ross County scrap out a nerveshredding cracker and a Dundee United goalkeeper doing cartwheels to celebrate a goal and ending up on a stretcher in the process.
A couple of jaggy tries from them and all of a sudden it became a contest.