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jag 1

1. A sharp projection; a barb.
a. A hanging flap along the edge of a garment.
b. A slash or slit in a garment exposing material of a different color.
tr.v. jagged, jag·ging, jags
1. To cut jags in; notch.
2. To cut unevenly.
3. Scots To jab sharply; prick.

[Middle English jagge.]

jag′ger n.
jag′less adj.

jag 2

1. Slang
a. A bout of drinking or drug use.
b. A period of overindulgence in an activity; a spree: a shopping jag; a crying jag.
2. A small load or portion.

[Origin unknown.]


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producing no intoxication from drugs or alcohol
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