jail bird

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Noun1.jail bird - a criminal who has been jailed repeatedly
criminal, crook, felon, malefactor, outlaw - someone who has committed a crime or has been legally convicted of a crime
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She had married into a law-fearing business family and brought with her the vigour and pugilistic character of her father, Malik Ghulam Jilani, a political jail bird.
Says an ex-jail bird who chose another former jail bird to be his party's CM candidate for our Karnataka election.
He has already remained jail bird for involvement in such activities and further investigation is underway from him.
But perhaps it's not that surprising when the head of the Labour Party has been caught on video inviting a hate preacher, a former jail bird, to the House of Commons for "tea on the terrace".
The group, the Charlie Bronson Appeal Fund, claim the 61-yearold habitual jail bird, who has spent the majority of the last 39 years in solitary confinement at some of the UK's highest security prisons, is a reformed man who's already served way more than his allotted time behind bars.
There is no guarantee that a jail bird taken from court to jail will not bolt on the way.
NOW I'M A REAL When he returns he is expected to be wearing women's JAIL BIRD l y dk First Scots lag wins right to swap sex in prison Drug dealer Wallace is Noranside s, ve Open minds: serving a five-year term at clothes behind bars for the first time.
The second act of the punishing penalty drama came on 78 minutes as Bates brought down Gary McSheffrey as he tried to wriggle into the box, and when the referee pointed to the spot there was an air of inevitability as rehabilitated jail bird Marlon King - barracked throughout by Boro fans - slammed it home low and to the right to open his account for Sky Blues with his first goal since a Premier League strike against Hull 19 months ago when he was at the Riverside on loan.
JAIL BIRD by Jessie Keane (HarperCollins, pounds 6.
BOSTON - It was Halloween so fans came dressed as witches, scarecrows, vampires, a jail bird, the Joker, even Sarah Palin.
From a jail bird husband turning up to loose-tongued servants spreading gossip, the dilemmas might be different, but the solutions are all too human.
Eventually sturdy pliers did the job and a great roar rose up from the onlookers as the jail bird flew to freedom.