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n. Informal
A prisoner or an ex-convict.


(ˈdʒeɪlˌbɜːd) or


a person who is or has been confined to jail, esp repeatedly; convict



a person confined in jail.
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Noun1.jailbird - a criminal who has been jailed repeatedly
criminal, crook, felon, malefactor, outlaw - someone who has committed a crime or has been legally convicted of a crime


noun prisoner, convict, con (slang), lag (slang), trusty, felon, malefactor, ticket-of-leave man (Historical) He's rubbed shoulders with judges and jailbirds.
fangi, tugthúslimur
hapishane gediklisi/kuşu


[ˈdʒeɪlbɜːd] Npresidiario/a m/f reincidente, preso/a m/f reincidente


[ˈdʒeɪlbɜːrd] ntaulard(e) m/f
a one-time jailbird → un ancien taulard


gaolbird (Brit) [ˈdʒeɪlˌbɜːd] n (fam) (old) → avanzo di galera



(dʒeil) noun
(a) prison. You ought to be sent to jail for doing that.
to put in prison. He was jailed for two years.
ˈjailer, ˈjailor, ˈgaoler noun
a person who has charge of a jail or of prisoners. The jailer was knocked unconscious in the riot.
ˈjailbird, ˈgaolbird noun
a person who is or has often been in jail.

to put a criminal in jail or gaol (not goal).
References in classic literature ?
"I always knew he was no good, a jailbird, a hoodlum, a slugger.
Tell them Billy is a jailbird and that I am a bad woman whom all men desire.
After walking a ways, Jurgis met a little ragamuffin whom he hailed: "Hey, sonny!" The boy cocked one eye at him--he knew that Jurgis was a "jailbird" by his shaven head.
There may have been some old jailbird called a King in the time of our grandmothers; but he belongs to history if not to fable.
They would never have me, a branded jailbird, in the Imperial Yeomanry!
In 2015, the grade II-listed building was home to lobster restaurant Nosh & Quaff and was then converted by the same owners, Lasan Group, into steak and seafood restaurant Jailbird last year - but that closed in January.
A BIRMINGHAM restaurant has closed unexpectedly It is understood that staff at Jailbird, in Colmore Row, were informed of the sudden closure by restaurant bosses when they returned to work after Christmas.
Upscale eatery Jailbird has replaced American diner Nosh and Quaff in the beautiful bank, offering steak, lobster and a whole host of sides.
Jailbird is the new concept for the Nosh and Quaff eatery on Colmore Row, which is owned by the Lasan Group.
The ceremony is thrown into disarray when the jailbird arrives, determined to prove he's turned over a new leaf.
Moira also calls in at the prison, ready to lay down some ground rules ahead of Charity's release, but is wrong-footed to discover that jailbird is very up-to-date with events in the village.
OFFICE worker E Mara) is crippled about the impe of her jailbird husband, Marti(Channing Tatum in Side Effects (Channel 4, 9pmtonight).