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1. A place of detention, especially for persons who are accused of committing a crime and have not been released on bail or for persons who are serving short sentences after conviction of a misdemeanor.
2. Detention in a jail.
tr.v. jailed, jail·ing, jails
To detain in a jail.

[From Middle English jaiole (from Old French) and from Middle English gaiol, gaol (from Old North French gaiole), both from Vulgar Latin *gaviola, from Latin *caveola, diminutive of cavea, cage, hollow.]
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Adj.1.jailed - being in captivity
unfree - hampered and not free; not able to act at will
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Yasir Ali was jailed in a drug peddling case registered against him with the Kot Lakhpat police station.
| Anthony Cullen, 31, of Colemere Close in Warrington, jailed for 27 years.
A group of PML-N Women Wing workers from Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa led by President Tahira Bukhari also reached Adiala jail to show solidarity with the jailed former prime minister and his daughter.
Edward Avis, 64, of Holmefield Rd, in Aigburth, jailed for 12 years Ian Pauline, 51, of Barchester Drive, in Aigburth, jailed for seven years Aigars Kokins, 29, of Chatham, Kent, jailed for seven years Alekandrs Voroneckis, 30, of Chatham, jailed for seven years Paul Firth, 41, of Pensby Road, Heswall, jailed for eight years Philip Cray, 54, of Crosgrove Road, in Walton, was jailed for 12 years Darren Hunter, 49, of Tennyson Street, St Helens, jailed for 10 years Terri Mellor, 48, of Tennyson Street, St Helens, jailed for 81/2 years Viktor Medvetskiy, 43, of Chatham, jailed for nine years Andris Baltais, 40, of Ramsgate, Kent, jailed for nine years
THE Chronicle is naming and shaming criminals jailed for offences during October.
Kyle Smith, 24, of South Shields, has been jailed for 19 months after admitting threatening to destroy or damage property and having an article with a blade.
It was told in the meeting that after the Bannu Jail attack and in view of contacts of dangerous jailed criminals with terrorists surveillance of high security barracks has been increased.
"Then I went to the police to report that I had harmed my brother." The police jailed him, then moved him to Maula Prison a week later.
Receipt of prenatal care before the third trimester was less common, but case management to coordinate care was more common, if the mother had been jailed than if she was in the comparison group.
perform oral sex with the officers," Tanya Ross, who was jailed in Florida, told Dateline NBC in 1998.
The inmate had been jailed for failure to pay child support.
Many, including public officials, are rarely concerned about the needs of jails or inmates until, of course, a family member is jailed. Then, the best in housing and treatment is demanded.