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also jail·or  (jā′lər)
One whose responsibility is keeping a jail.
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Noun1.jailor - someone who guards prisonersjailor - someone who guards prisoners  
keeper - someone in charge of other people; "am I my brother's keeper?"
law officer, lawman, peace officer - an officer of the law


also jailor
A guard or keeper of a prison:
British: warder.



(dʒeil) noun
(a) prison. You ought to be sent to jail for doing that.
to put in prison. He was jailed for two years.
ˈjailer, ˈjailor, ˈgaoler noun
a person who has charge of a jail or of prisoners. The jailer was knocked unconscious in the riot.
ˈjailbird, ˈgaolbird noun
a person who is or has often been in jail.

to put a criminal in jail or gaol (not goal).
References in classic literature ?
Why, this is your prison," replied Tollydiggle, "and in me behold your jailor.
If his jailor was willing to trust him in this way he would not betray her trust, and moreover a hot supper was being prepared for him and his prison was very pleasant and comfortable.
Summary: Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh) [India], October 16 (ANI): The jailor of the Dasna jail, where Nupur and Rajesh Talwar, the parents of 14-year-old Aarushi, who was found murdered nine years back in Noida, had been lodged in since November 2013, has said that while in jail, the dentist couple gave medical service for free to their prison inmates and refused remuneration amounting to Rs.
Tenders are invited for Construction of compound wall on back side of new jailor quarters at district jail kurnool
BRUSSELS (TAP) - Najim Laachraoui , the bomb maker for attacks on Paris and Brussels had a previous career as a jailor for the Islamic State (IS) group, a lawyer for one of his hostages said Friday.
AN INMATE died and a jailor was injured when a clash ensued between the authorities and the inmates of the Ghazipur district jail during an inspection on Friday.