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or jal·fra·zi  (jäl&-frā′zē)
A style of curry made with onion, tomato, and green chiles.
Being or served with a curry of onion, tomato, and green chiles: chicken jalfrezi.

[Anglo-Indian, leftover meat fried in a dry sauce of chiles and onions, perhaps from colloquial Bengali jhālpharezī : Bengali jhāl, hot, spicy (from Middle Indic *jhāla-, perhaps from a dialectal variant of Sanskrit kṣāra-, burning, hot; see dhegwh- in Indo-European roots) + Hindi and Urdu parhezī, forming part of a diet, abstemious (from parhez, abstention, from Persian parhēz, verbal noun of parhēkhtan, to abstain, from Middle Persian pahrēxtan, from Old Iranian *pati-raič- (attested in Avestan paiti-raēč-, to leave behind) *pati, against, opposite + *raič-, to leave; see leikw- in Indo-European roots). Alternatively, Anglo-Indian ultimately from Bengali jhāl, hot, spicy + Persian farēz, dried meat, peeling, shaving.]


a medium-hot curry made with green chillies
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9g of fat Sainsbury's Chicken Jalfrazi (500g) 708 calories and 26.
There were families, groups of mates, girlie tables, blokes on their own gorging on jalfrazi.
On to main courses and you'll find special garlic fishes, balti choices, special mixes, jalfrazi, tandoori specials and premier selections which include exotic meats such as ostrich and venison served on a sizzler or karahi.
For mains he went for a slightly milder dish - chicken jalfrazi (pounds 4.
Subsequent dishes of a potato curry, (admirably al dente) vegetable jalfrazi and lamb curry were mediocre, their spicing rather crude.
Mains: All the Indian favourites appear on the menu, including tandoori dishes, biryani, plain, madras, vindaloo, malayan, kurma, dansak, jalfrazi, bhuna and baltis.
The chicken jalfrazi would have benefited from more veg (onions and peppers) and the meat was overcooked.
Ewan, meanwhile, was tucking manfully into chicken jalfrazi.
Instead, I opted for a lentil-based prawn dhansak (pounds 6) while my companion chose a mild chicken jalfrazi pounds 6.