jam jar

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August 25, Jam Jar Cinema, Whitley Bay: Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (1961) introduced by Chris Phipps.
Above the fungi however, one method stood above them all - a jam jar. More specifically, a mental illness jam jar.
It has boats, mountains, trees and a jetty, all in the space of a jam jar lid.
YOU WILL NEED A clean jam jar Acrylic paint (we used yellow, orange, red and green but you can choose any colours you like) Thin black card String or twine to make a handle A battery-powered tealight (this project is not suitable for real-flame candles) Ribbons and sequin strings to decorate METHOD 1.
Glue the shapes the outside of your painted jam jar.
Simon Littlejohn, owner of the neighbouring Jam Jar cafe on Henderson Street, has submitted a proposal to alter the windows in the former Queen's Hotel building.
Emirati artist Khalid Mezaina is presenting his work at The Jam Jar in the latest edition of OCCUPY.
Bring to the boil, then pour the vinegar and herbs into a clean jam jar. Steep overnight, before straining the liquid into a clean spray bottle.
1) Fill your empty, clean jam jar with garden soil just below the neck rim of the bottle.
Within the jam jar lid, organise the toys that will feature in your snow globe.