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The cinema takes its name from the 1930s tradition of exchanging jam jars for tickets to see a film.
A MAN has admitted illegally keeping owl heads in jam jars and other bird limbs for a business targeting pagans.
The 46-year-old, whose online name was Kai Seidr, had two barn owl heads in jam jars, a pendant made from a tawny owl foot and another artefact made from a buzzard wing.
They require; bottles for the tombola stall, cakes, gift sets and cosmetics, books, jewellery and new goods as well as raffle prizes, toys, knitted items, teddies and empty jam jars.
We have jam jars and jam jars of completely uncategorisable species on here that we know nothing about.
If you don't have enough glasses, serve drinks in jam jars.
Easy to make candle holders can be made from used cans, wine bottles and glass jam jars.
The seller, only named as John, put the quirky offer on DoneDeal in the hope of flogging the four jam jars to fed-up holiday makers.
Now Sue Tattersley says: "I have recently returned from Australia where we were intrigued to see people drinking from jam jars.
I've also used the same method to clean peanut butter and jam jars.
Make up the strawberry swirled meringues and fruit puree the day before, then just layer with whipped cream and extra fruit in recycled jam jars and screw on the lids, take out to the garden in a basket or ps ack into a cool box for a picnic pud.
polypropylene jars that look like jam jars, and custom dark brown twist-top closures reminiscent of spice bottle caps.